Tractor-Trailer Hits Fire Engine in Lucketts

No serious injuries were reported in a tractor-trailer/firetruck crash Tuesday morning in Lucketts.

According to Loudoun County Combined Fire and Rescue System Public Information Officer Laura Rinehart, a tractor-trailer on Rt. 15 crashed into a firetruck from Station 10 as it was pulling onto the highway from the Stumptown/Lucketts Road intersection shortly after 6 a.m. Rinehart said three firefighters were responding to a fire alarm call.

Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office Public Information Officer Kraig Troxell said that the firetruck’s emergency equipment was activated, and that the firefighters stopped at the intersection before driving through. Troxell said the driver of the tractor-trailer was unable to stop.

Troxell said the tractor-trailer driver and all three firefighters were transported to the hospital for the treatment of minor injuries. The driver of the tractor-trailer was issued a summons for failure to maintain control.

Rinehart said the damage to the fire engine, which was fairly new, is significant, especially since every part on the truck is vital to the execution of the jobs the firefighters perform. She said the truck would be sent to the Pierce Manufacturing factory in Wisconsin for repair. In the meantime, the Fire-Rescue System has brought in a backup firetruck from the training academy.

Rinehart said the Rt. 15’s intersection with Stumptown/Lucketts Road intersection, which is about 300 feet from Station 10, is not an area of concern. She said this is the first crash involving a firetruck she has seen at the intersection since coming to work for the Loudoun Fire-Rescue System 17 years ago.

2 thoughts on “Tractor-Trailer Hits Fire Engine in Lucketts

  • 2021-04-13 at 5:55 pm

    “Rinehart said the Rt. 15’s intersection with Stumptown/Lucketts Road intersection, which is about 300 feet from Station 10, is not an area of concern.”

    This is a horrendously incorrect statement. My wife has lived in Lucketts the past 30 years, and I’ve lived in Lucketts for the past 15 years. I can personally attest that the intersection at 15 and Lucketts Road/Stumptown Road is dangerous. Idiot drivers constantly run the red lights in this intersection because they can’t wait 1 minute for the light to turn green again. Additionally, when cars are attempting to make turns from 15 Northbound onto Stumptown or Lucketts Road, the cars behind them illegally swerve into the Lucketts Road turn lane to bypass the turning vehicles. We’ve lost count of how many times we’ve narrowly avoided being hit head on at this intersection over the years.

  • 2021-04-13 at 7:09 pm

    Tractor-trailers running a red light at this intersection is a thing. Regardless of light color, if I’m on Stumptown or Lucketts Roads, I always look before I proceed. It once saved me from being broadsided by a speeding southbound tractor-trailer running a red light. Loudoun County staff since 2004 have refused to consider a roundabout at this intersection, claiming that it “wouldn’t fit”–despite one of the nation’s premier traffic designers (and of the award-winning Routes 50/15 roundabout project), showing them a roundabout design (shifted slightly south, so that it doesn’t affect the antiques store (and in fact, realigning Lucketts Road to its original location), WOULD fit. It is telling that Loudoun County Department of Transportation and Capital Infrastructure staff actively refused the offered assistance of VDOT’s Highway Safety Improvement Program on any aspect of Route 15 North widening since 2018–just another example of the county rejecting any state oversight over a road project that will absolutely not improve interstate traffic (the bridge), improve safety design standards (it will be and expressway like Route 7, inviting speed), and without regard to the impact to local small businesses that the LC Economic Development Department has worked so hard to promote. Who benefits? Not farmers. Not small business. Not local residents. Not even commuters or interstate truck traffic (the bridge). Land speculators holding parcels along the corridor that they hope to plant houses on? Absoutely.

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