Purcellville Council Affirms Mission, Initiatives in Saturday Session

The Purcellville Town Council has established agreement on its goals for the town’s future, and for now is done discussing the performance of its members behind closed doors.

Following a nearly three-hour closed session to “discuss the performance of one or more Council members as it relates to the Council’s adopted codes of conduct and the risk of liability to the Town,” according to Town Attorney Sally Hankins—a closed session that resulted in to formal action from the Town Council—council members spent four more hours in a public session discussing their visions for the town, their strategic objectives, the town staff’s organization and operations, town challenges, and how the town will use the $9.2 million it will receive from the American Rescue Plan.

Mayor Kwasi Fraser defended the closed session as a chance to “proactively look at issues before they become risks.”

“The meeting was meant to prevent things,” he said, adding that the council’s discussion behind closed doors was now wrapped up and that there would be no further discussions on the matter.

Fraser said the overall meeting on Saturday was “very productive” and showed that all council members are in “lock step” regarding the vision and mission and four strategic initiatives.

That vision is: “Purcellville – your small town, where history and progress intersect and people prosper.” The council’s mission is “to provide leadership, stewardship, and policies that produce a vibrant community where residents delight in living, participating and welcoming visitors.”

The council’s four strategic initiatives are to promote community and economic well-being, practice good governance, strengthen community partnerships, and fund the future. Fraser said council members talked about how they have worked toward those initiatives.

“We walked out of there knowing some of these accomplishments,” he said, adding that the results of their discussion Saturday would be published for residents.

The council also discussed how the town should use the $9.25 million American Rescue Plan funding it expects to receive. Council members identified three areas of potential use for the money: to increase the capacity of the reservoir; to repair the six-decade-old iron water main that provides water to 50% of the town; and to pursue broadband initiatives. The town staff will soon send out a survey to residents to get input on how that money should be spent.

“We just want to hear top of mind ideas from the residents where that money should go,” Fraser said.

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  • 2021-03-30 at 4:38 pm

    Why does Purcellville need broadband when the entire Town has access to Comcast Xfinity? Go outside Town where there is no Comcast (Thanks Loudoun) for the real internet desert.

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