For Data Center Day, Vaccine Workers Get a Treat

As Loudoun, the home of the world’s largest concentration of data centers, marked International Data Center Day on Wednesday, the Data Center Coalition gave back by sponsoring meals for vaccination workers.

Each day this week, different Loudoun data center companies sponsored food trucks to park at a loading dock at the Dulles Town Center mall, the home of the Loudoun Health Department’s vaccination site, and feed the people inside administering COVID-19 vaccines. CloudHQ, STACK Infrastructure, Amazon Web Services, Sabey Data Centers, Equinix, Digital Realty, Vantage, Aligned, and QTS sponsored trucks from Ford’s Fish Shack, 1000 Shakes, ResQ BBQ, Jambalaya Bros and Hershey’s Ice Cream. State and local elected officials also dropped by to wish those workers well.

The food trucks also offered some relief for the county government’s central kitchen, which has been providing daily meals for those workers.

“We always challenge ourselves to determine how we can best support our local community,” said Data Center Coalition President Josh Levi. “This week in particular, we were trying to think about how we could express our support for the community, and given the pandemic that we’ve all lived through over the past year, it was a no-brainer to try and support the folks, the staff and volunteers at the vaccination POD [Point of Distribution], who have been supporting all of us.”

“For those in tech industries, Ashburn is on par with major cities like New York, London, Frankfurt and Hong Kong for global economic impact. Even though the buildings are easily seen, we want to convey to our community that the full impact of the industry goes beyond the buildings,” stated Loudoun Economic Development Executive Director Buddy Rizer. “That includes the hundreds of millions of dollars in annual tax revenue, the thousands of jobs for Loudoun residents, and a great deal of community service performed by those in the industry. International Data Center Day is the perfect time to celebrate Loudoun’s biggest industry, to unveil new community resources, and to tell a more complete story for Data Center Alley.”

This year, the tax on computer equipment, the largest tax on data centers, will account for about 30 percent of all local tax revenue, conservatively estimated at $586 million. That means data centers alone bring in enough money to cover the entire operational budget for the county government, about a third of the overall operational budget which also includes the school system.

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