Letter: James Sivard, Leesburg

Editor:  Regardless of one’s stance on the legalization of marijuana, correct information can only help the final decision, and incorrect information should be avoided. When the people in charge are misinformed or uninformed it’s the citizens’ duty to call them out. 

I’m writing this letter because of the statements that Phyllis Randall, an elected official, has made about cannabis. I urge people to read her comments (Feb. 18 issue of Loudoun Now) and judge for themselves. Her statements reveal an unfamiliarity with, and general ignorance about, the substance. It would be unwise to include her voice in the decision-making process.

Ms. Randall maintains that marijuana is “addictive,” says it can be fatal, and has made other demonstrably false statements. I’m not advocating for legality; I’m advocating for informed people to make the final assessment.

James Sivard, Leesburg

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