Superintendent Search Consultants Issue Profile Report

After a series of focus group sessions and an online survey, the consultant group hired to recruit the school division’s next superintendent this week issued a profile report that will be used to identify candidates for the post.

The search is being led by Hazard, Young, Attea & Associates.

According to a report presented to the School Board on Tuesday, 144 individuals participated in personal interview and focus groups and another 10,090 provided input through an online survey. HYA representative Brad Draeger said it was the largest ever community participation he has experienced in similar efforts across the nation. 

Participants were asked to identify the divisions strengths and challenges and identify the characteristics that the division’s next leader should possess. The results were detailed in a 35-page report to the board.

The consultants identified 12 characteristics that resulted from comments. The next superintendent should be committed to embracing diversity and promoting equity in all aspects of LCPS; be decisive, clear, and strong enough to confront difficult issues and deal with dissent; demonstrate transparency, fairness, ethics and honesty; foster open communication and trust; have instructional leadership with extensive school experience; be likable, personable, approachable and visible in schools; be politically savvy with all aspects of a large school division; possess the ability to work collaboratively and build relationships and trust with all constituencies in Loudoun—thecommunity, schools, central office, School Board and Board of Supervisors; be strategic planner and implementer; be student-centered; be a team builder, able to assemble and delegate responsibilities to a highly skilled cabinet; and be visionary. 

The position has been advertised nationally. After the School Board reviews the report and establishes its candidate profile, the consultants to review the pool of applicants and prepare for the first round of interviews expected to begin early in May. Before the end of that month, the finalist should be selected. The goal is to have the new superintendent in place by July.

3 thoughts on “Superintendent Search Consultants Issue Profile Report

  • 2021-02-24 at 10:51 am

    The individual should be everything to everyone. Yeah… the real world doesn’t work like that.

    These headhunter folks have a heck of a racket going.

  • 2021-02-24 at 1:12 pm

    Loudoun is a disaster with respect to its schools. Each of the groups from LCPS (Supt, SB, admins, teachers) blame anybody but themselves. No objectivity whatsoever. Divorced from reality. Let’s review some of the comments:

    1. New Supt should “educates SB, BOS and public that theprograms and services that students need are expensive”: Say what?!!! These programs are NOT expensive. The LCPS budget has exploded solely because we dump $10M in increased raises on the same employees who provide incompetent services with no accountability. We don’t need a propagandist.

    2. “Loudoun has not chased fad issues in education”: Say what?!!! What is PBL (project-based learning? It has no research to support it. The literacy program is not based on science either. This is a joke.

    3. “kind and caring teachers”: On the PISA exams, multiple LCPS schools indicated their students did not believe teachers “cared about student well-being”. Can you get a bigger indictment against teachers than that?

    4. “underfunding”: Say what?!!! LCPS spends $4000/year more per pupil than Prince William. LCPS has gone from spending $1800/year per pupil less than Fairfax, despite Fairfax having 2x the FRL students and 35% more ESL students and even more SpEd students, to spending more per pupil than the more-expensive Fairfax!!! In what universe is that underfunded?

    5. “educators have choices—and many are making Loudoun not their choice”: No data whatsoever supports this! Resignations/retirements dropped by a whopping 34% this year. Before that, LCPS had the lowest vacancy rate and the highest retention rate. The problem we have is lying teachers and admins, not any retention or recruting issues.

    6. Admins feel there is “constant comparison to Fairfax”: Hello!!! That is because despite the wasted spending on salaries, we underperform Fairfax by significant margins on EVERY LEVEL! Why do LCPS employees feel they should get paid for for incompetence?

    7. Employees feel the new Supt should focus on “Public relations: The story of Loudoun is not being told well — too many negatives are the only things that are promoted”: Are you frickin kidding me?!! LCPS spent $Ms on developing video studios to put out propaganda. Yet, their own surveys show the public doesn’t trust them or these staged videos because …. they constantly lie to us. Propaganda can never regain trust.

    At least we see how completely dysfunctional and incompetent each group is based on their comments. Each employee group blames the other. Each uses false information to buoy their own status. An unmitigated disaster. The only area of consensus for both parents and teachers is that Michelle Rhee is needed to clean house. (mentioned in both) Let’s offer Rhee $10M/year to come turn this m**** out.

  • 2021-02-24 at 6:46 pm

    Novel idea – how about searching for a seasoned, retired executive who would be willing do take the job pro-bono? That’s the kind of experience LCPS needs – not an overly-paid empty suit administrator.

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