Letter: Selena Drincic, Ashburn

Editor: We speak for all road users, but we raise awareness for the motorcyclists who we have lost in crashes. 

Feb. 21 was our beloved Damion’s birthday. This year will be the first of many without him. 

As a family, we use this moment to remind others that life is extremely precious, as Damion once reminded us.

Damion always served as our protective backseat driver. He would navigate us on how to react in nerve-racking situations. He would even always say “think for others” on the road. 

After years of driving, one may feel comfortable and become less focused while driving. Whether not actively paying attention or succumbing to distractions, this can result in life altering impacts. 

Waking up without your loved one is a pain too much to bear. It is a pain that we wish it wasn’t commonly shared. 

So, remind yourself that driving is a privilege and not a right. Remind yourself that you are not the only one on the road and that the choices you make may impact someone else. Comfortability and distraction will never be worth it. 

Please be safe on the road. We beg you to remain diligent and pay attention. Because nothing will ever be worth taking a life or losing your own.

Selena Drincic, Iesha Allah, Nyjalaya Robinson, Ashburn

One thought on “Letter: Selena Drincic, Ashburn

  • 2021-02-23 at 7:43 pm

    As a motorcyclist of over 35 years, I can only hope that people read Damion’s story and so many others like it, and just PAY ATTENTION. Since the new “hands free” law went into affect in VA last month, I still see people driving with their phones in their hands all the time. 4-way stops are a death trap as at least once every three times I go through an intersection like that, I see a car run a stop sign and never look up from their phone.
    Riding a motorcycle is so much fun and can be very peaceful, but my stress level triples every time I ride home to Ashburn, because we seem to have cornered the market on distracted, inexperienced, and just plain terrible drivers. Part of our problem is those driving instructor companies that buck the rules and give kids or new drivers their license after only a lesson or two- it’s a money grab that is not doing anybody except that company any good. Parents who are too busy to get their kids to their lessons should just do what’s right and insist their children complete the course. People from other countries really need to learn the right way to drive here in America. Rt. 28 during rush hour is a prime breeding ground for a car doing 50 mph in the left lane, while hundreds of cars make unnecessary lane changes to pass them. Folks, think of it this way: If cars are passing you on the right, you are in the wrong lane. Move over! The left lane is the passing lane. If you move to the correct lane, less cars change lanes and this lowers the chances of an accident- especially for motorcyclists who may not be seen by those driving cars and trucks.

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