Purcellville Police Arrests Cut in Half in 2020, Crime Down Overall

The Purcellville Police Department last week released its 2020 annual report, which shows a decline in crime, traffic stops and arrests—all attributable to the COVID-19 pandemic.

On-scene arrests were down by more than half to 33 and the number of summons issued was down by 25 to 15. The number of people taken into custody was cut in half, down to 18.

The only types of crime that were up in 2020 from 2019 were curfew violations, fraud, aggravated assault, larceny and disorderly conduct. Most of the felony crime—67% of it—occurred in the Loudoun Valley and Crooked Run Districts, which are located in the area of town surrounding Loudoun Valley High School and the southeastern corner of town, respectively.

Calls for service in which police were dispatched were down by 271 to 2,332, although officer-initiated activity was up by 385 to 17,774. Traffic stops were down by more than a thousand, to 1,026, and the number of traffic tickets written were down to 687.

According to an early 2020 survey of 271 people, including residents and business owners and their employees, nearly 80% of respondents indicated they felt the Police Department “does a good job of performing its mission.” About 90% indicated they feel safe in the community and close to 80% indicated they felt police officers were responsive.

Read the full report at purcellvilleva.gov/DocumentCenter/View/9857/PPD-2020-Annual-Report.

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