Hamilton Planning Commission Approves 26-Home Subdivision

The Hamilton Planning Commission has approved plans for a 26-home subdivision, which could begin construction by year’s end.

The commission Wednesday night voted to approve Carrington Builders’ Huntwick subdivision, off Ivandale Road about a mile north of town. Although the 131-acre property is located within the county’s Agricultural Rural 1 Zoning District, a small portion of the land is within the town’s extraterritorial subdivision control area, which requires action from the town’s Planning Commission.

The Huntwick project includes a proposal to build 20 cluster lots ranging from 1 to 3 acres each and another six rural economy lots ranging from 15 to 18.4 acres. In addition to the homes, Carrington also plans to include a 0.7-acre open space and a new public street on the property. All 26 homes will be served by well and septic systems.

Already in existence on the property is a modern single-family home and a mid-19th-century farmhouse and barn. Carrington intends to demolish the farmhouse and barn.

According to a note from engineer Eric Zicht to Hamilton Zoning Administrator Martha Semmes in response to a Feb. 9 staff report, the bank barn is “nearly falling over” and is located near a proposed cul-de-sac.

While Carrington initially considered using the farmhouse as an accessory residence, that idea has since been dropped because the structure is in poor condition, a new septic and well system would be needed, and because the new home buyers would likely have found the farmhouse to be an “unsightly nuisance and hazard,” according to Zicht’s note to Semmes.

Zicht said the county staff has reviewed construction plans once already and they “look to be in pretty good shape.” He said Carrington could begin construction on Huntwick in late 2021.

“It’s pretty far along,” he said.

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One thought on “Hamilton Planning Commission Approves 26-Home Subdivision

  • 2021-02-18 at 9:51 pm

    Carrington Homes and their crappy houses are ruining Loudoun County. Look at them popping up everywhere. They are only interested in paving over Loudoun with their junk. Shame on Hamilton for caving into these people who have no interest in making Loudoun better, just for lining their greedy pockets!

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