Loudoun Switching to New Vaccine Sign Up System

Loudoun County will switch to using the Virginia Department of Health’s statewide COVID-19 vaccine pre-registration system at 5 p.m. Friday, Feb. 12, following direction from the state that came earlier that day.

In launching the new statewide system, the Virginia Department of Health directed all local health districts to close their pre-registration forms and surveys at 5 p.m. Friday to allow for existing registration data to be transferred to the new system. Loudoun County residents will not be able to register for COVID-19 vaccine for a few days.

People who already submitted a pre-screening survey through the Loudoun County Health Department need not worry: those surveys will be automatically added to the new statewide system. There is no need for those people to complete a new survey when the state system goes live next week, according to the county.

However, it is possible that people who completed a Loudoun County prescreening will be asked to provide additional information that was not asked for in the county’s survey, such as home address. Those people will be contacted with instructions.

Beginning on Tuesday, Feb. 16, all pre-registration for COVID-19 vaccines in Virginia will go through the new statewide system.

Despite the change, the county health department will continue to work through the waitlist of people who have signed up to be vaccinated. Anyone who has scheduled an appointment through the Loudoun County Health Department should go to that appointment as scheduled.

When it is a person’s turn to be vaccinated, they will be contacted by email, or by phone if they do not have internet access. Long waits—at least several weeks—are still expected because of limited vaccine supply. Currently, according to the county, the best estimate is that anyone who submitted a pre-screening survey may have to wait six weeks or more from the time they registered before their turn for an appointment comes up.

Currently the county is in Phase 1a and Phase 1b of the state’s vaccine plans, with about half of people in Virginia eligible in those phases. Read more about the priorities in Virginia’s Phase 1b under Frontline Essential Workers by Order of Vaccination Planning.

For more information about COIVD-19 vaccination efforts in Loudoun County, visit loudoun.gov/COVID19vaccine. For more information on COVID-19 in Virginia and the United States, and the Commonwealth’s ongoing efforts in the pandemic, visit www.vdh.virginia.gov/coronavirus and www.cdc.gov/coronavirus.

One thought on “Loudoun Switching to New Vaccine Sign Up System

  • 2021-02-13 at 12:45 pm

    Loudoun County and the States response to address and execute the administration of the Covid vaccine is a dismal failure. For the better part of a year those in power knew, as we all did that a vaccine was coming, but is seems like a plan was piece together at the last minute. Why is the no mass inoculation centers established, why wasn’t there a centralized and functional single point of contact established for preregistration. Why is CVS administering the vaccine, their pharmacies are not designed to properly handle a large traffic flow, why cant the county use the gyms in our local high schools, they aren’t being used for anything currently, why don’t we use the Redskins training field in Ashburn. Our County and State elected leadership has FAILED us. I hope people remember this at election time.

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