FEMA Puts Up $10M for New Loudoun Reservoir

The Federal Emergency Management Agency will award $10 million to the Commonwealth of Virginia to help pay for the construction of a water storage reservoir in a retired Luck Stone quarry near Ashburn.

The quarry will become a reservoir with a capacity of more than a billion gallons. The project includes a new pumping station with four submersible vertical turbine pumps and water transmission mains to fill and discharge water from the reservoir.

The planned reservoir has been part of Loudoun Water’s long-term capacity planning. The reservoir is expected to be up and running in 2023 or 2024, and will be called “Milestone Reservoir.”

It is part of Loudoun Water’s Potomac Water Supply Program, which will pump water from the Potomac River into the new reservoir and then piped to the Trap Rock water treatment facility.

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