‘Work In Loudoun’ to Connect Jobseekers, Jobs

The Loudoun County Department of Economic Development on Thursday announced its new “Work In Loudoun” initiative, aiming to connect jobs and hirers with the people looking for them.

The program is aimed at regional employees and jobseekers, current Loudoun businesses, and businesses or site selectors that are considering investing in Loudoun County alike. It provides a suite of professional services to connect the region’s workforce with open positions at businesses in Loudoun.

“Skilled workers are the lifeblood of any organization, and businesses locate in Loudoun because of our region’s robust talent pipeline. That starts with nationally ranked public-school systems, elite higher education institutions, and a top-notch quality of life for our workforce,” stated Loudoun Economic Development Executive Director Buddy Rizer. “‘Work In Loudoun’ is a proactive approach to attracting, developing and retaining that talent, organizing a coalition of #LoudounPossible partners, and matching jobseekers with available positions.

According to the department, there are currently more than 130,000 jobs open in high tech businesses across Northern Virginia. Despite the pandemic’s negative impact for “touch” industries, many tech businesses have seen growth.

For people looking for a job—or a new one—the site offers several resources.

The Loudoun Jobs Portal, unveiled in April, is a searchable dashboard is designed to show every available job in Loudoun County. Sourcing data from more than 10,000 public job boards and filtered by zip code, the Loudoun Jobs Portal helped fuel thousands of job searches in the aftermath of COVID-19, according to the department.

There is also employment assistance, for people looking for a niche job that doesn’t normally appear on job boards, or looking to increase their skillset. And the department features talent spotlights, using its @loudounbiz Instagram account to tell the stories of people living, working or seeking to work in Loudoun.

For businesses in Loudoun, the site offers ombudsman assistance from Workforce Development Manager Nancy Evanko. Evanko can help businesses work though the growing pains of hiring or training talent, or connect businesses with any of dozens of regional and community partners.

For businesses, too, Loudoun Economic Development offers marketing services to help build the pipeline of talent. Businesses can add their open positions on the Loudoun Jobs Portal, and the @WorkInLoudoun Twitter account showcases the existing job openings in Loudoun.

And Loudoun Economic Development has partnered with Northern Virginia Community College’s Labor Market Research team to provide the latest information and trends on population, employment rates, degrees and certifications, average wages, cost of living, income, commute time and more.

The site’s offerings will be added to over time, an added to the non-cash incentives for businesses locating in Loudoun.

 “These services will better prepare Loudoun’s economy, our talent and our businesses to compete in the future,” Rizer stated.

“‘Work In Loudoun’ is a distinctly coordinated effort to provide the talent that fuels Loudoun’s vibrant economy,” Evanko stated. “We’re ready to help businesses of any size tap into the region’s robust talent pipeline.”

Learn more at WorkInLoudoun.com.

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