Loudoun School Division Lands $30K Google Training Grant

Google has awarded a $30,000 grant to support virtual learning strategies for Loudoun County Public Schools educators.

The Commonwealth Learning Partnership, a network of over 25 nonprofit education organizations, schools of higher education and individuals, will oversee management of the grant funds and guide a professional development program aimed at increasing the skill sets and competencies of educators within virtual learning environments. 

The Loudoun Education Foundation, which works to support innovative programs that foster academic success and the well-being of students and teachers, will assist in housing and administering the grant funds.

The goal of the program is to increase classroom support for educators and stimulate deeper learning experiences for students on virtual learning platforms. Participants will attend skill-building workshops focused on how to keep students engaged in their virtual classrooms and will feature instruction from a Virginia-based Google for Education training partner. The workshops will provide in-depth coaching and advice for creating a deeper learning environment online for students. Program participants will also receive mini grants to apply material learned in the workshops. 

The program culminates with a virtual public symposium, where participants will share the lessons they learned to other educators across the commonwealth.

“The way in which students are educated has completely changed over the past year going from in-person learning to a virtual platform,” stated Laurel Brown, Google’s head of Community Development US-East. “Educators are on the front line of making this a smooth transition for students and navigating this new classroom setting. Google is excited to be able to partner with The Commonwealth Learning Partnership and The Loudoun Education Foundation to support Loudoun County teachers and provide them with the tools, strategies and skill sets to succeed.”

“The Loudoun Education Foundation is thrilled to assist in the implementation of this grant project and looks forward to working with Google and the Commonwealth Learning Partnership to provide such a critical professional development program for Loudoun County educators. Through this work, educators and students alike will be more empowered and equipped to embrace virtual learning platforms,” said Executive Director Dawn Meyer.

The program is set to begin in the spring.

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