Loudoun Joins National Day of COVID-19 Remembrance

Loudoun County joined a national call for a day of remembrance for those lost to the COVID-19 pandemic with a luminary display and ceremonial resolution at the Board of Supervisors Jan. 19.

While vaccinations against the virus have begun, for many the vaccine comes too late—since the pandemic came to Loudoun in March, it has killed 170 people. Luminaries were placed along the paths in the lawn at the county government center in Leesburg Tuesday night, one for each lost life.

“In times like this, my challenge and the faith community’s challenge to all of us, is to rally around and to support in this time of need. Carry one another’s burdens that we might walk together,” said Pastor Jim Supp at a brief ceremony in the county boardroom. “And so the other word of encouragement that I would have is to grieve well. It is my travels around the world that I have discovered many cultures grieve, if I might put it this way, much better than we do. We tend to encourage one another to pull it together and that sort of thing, and the reality is that grief is common to all human beings, and when we fail to grieve well, we struggle unnecessarily. And so these two parts of grieve well and support one another and love one another, carry each other’s burdens, especially in this time of such unrest in our nation, that we would lift one another up—these families in particular in this time.”

The ceremony answered a call from President Joe Biden, who before his swearing-in asked the nation to come together at 5:30 p.m. on Jan. 19, to remember those people.

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