Arts Group Seeks Proposals for Neersville Mural

Anne Weshinskey and Arni Gudmundsson are on a mission to bring public art to Loudoun’s northwest corner. The couple who brought us the popular Wayside Wondercabinet drive-in art installation at Neersville’s former fire hall last spring are now seeking artists to create a mural in the same location. 

Weshinskey’s V4L arts initiative has issued a call for proposals for a mural on the front of the Neersville Community Center, also known as the Between the Hills Community Center, where their art space occupies a former firetruck bay. The contest is open to artists 18 and over from Loudoun and neighboring jurisdictions with a $500 prize for the artist or collective selected. Weshinskey says organizers are encouraging emerging artists from underrepresented communities to apply. 

Deadline for submissions is Sunday, March 7.

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