Letter: Tom Jeavons, Lansdowne

Editor: America and the world have lost nearly 2 million lives to the coronavirus, and tragically the death toll marches on. Even with the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines available, and late-stage studies of Remdesivir and other antiviral treatments on the verge of FDA approval, the rate of deaths is sadly increasing.

Leading our great country out of this tragic crisis is not a job for finger-pointing, tongue-wagging politicians. The territorial nature of government agencies not acting in harmony does not seem to be helping. Mass media blowing out sound bites every hour, often not relevant to the facts, and technology companies censoring voices not in concert with their own, is of course zero help.

Now that we have stumbled through this crisis to the medical solutions stage, we continue to trip over our own feet trying to get vaccines into arms.  

If only America had a trusted organization built for crisis management to turn to. One with the knowledge and proven track record of success in delivering relief and leading people safely through tragedies. Some group that has helped millions of Americans in the past.    

Hmmmmm, wait a second, what about FEMA? Why is FEMA not leading the charge? Emergency management is the name of their game, right?  Sure, this crisis is a little different than a tornado or hurricane but dealing with Coronavirus is now at the logistics stage which is what FEMA does very well.

it is not too late for the White House and Congress to get out of the way. Put FEMA in charge of distribution, reinforce it with the logistical units of the National Guard and military reserve and watch the results roar.

Tom Jeavons, Lansdowne     

One thought on “Letter: Tom Jeavons, Lansdowne

  • 2021-01-13 at 9:36 pm

    FEMA consists of about 20,000 people, most of whom are not medical specialists- it consists of investigators, engineers, administrators, etc. I’m sure they could help a bit, but asking them to distribute and administer vaccines is beyond their depth. Also, at the end of the day, FEMA is just another Government agency, subject to the same political nonsense and red tape as any other Government entity. If you want this problem to be solved in a hurry, you take the Government OUT of the equation and let businesses get this done.

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