December Trial Set for Ashburn Stabbing Case; Defense to Push for Plea Deal

The 18-year-old Ashburn man facing felony charges from a May 2020 stabbing incident could wait in jail until December for a trial in Circuit Court.

Erick Joya-Morales will face a Dec. 6-10 jury trial in Circuit Court for three counts of felony aggravated malicious wounding following a stabbing May 8, 2020 near Blossom Hill Terrace in The Grove at Flynn’s Crossing neighborhood in Ashburn.

In August, Tony Paracha, Joya-Morales’ defense counsel, worked out a plea deal with prosecutors in which they agreed to not prosecute two of the charges and to reduce the remaining charge to felony unlawful wounding; Paracha said Joya-Morales acted in self-defense in two of the three stabbings.

Prosecutors also agreed to push for all of Joya-Morales’ jail time to be suspended if he were to be convicted of that single reduced charge, as long as a Joya-Morales received “extensive” time in the Loudoun Juvenile Detention Center for a separate, unrelated conviction in Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court, Paracha said.

In September, Joya-Morales pled guilty to the reduced charge. But in November, Circuit Court Judge Jeanette Irby rejected the plea deal. Paracha said this week he planned to file a motion requesting the court enforce that previously agreed-to plea deal.

While the December trial is currently set for one count of felony unlawful wounding, Joya-Morales will again be indicted on all three felony aggravated malicious wounding charges in February.

Joya-Morales has been held at the Adult Detention Center since May 2020.

One thought on “December Trial Set for Ashburn Stabbing Case; Defense to Push for Plea Deal

  • 2021-01-17 at 1:04 pm

    So he already has 1 conviction and the prosecutor’s office is looking at no jail time, are you kidding me. Let him go to trial, if he is deemed not guilty by self defense so be it. If he is guilty of all 3 charges put him away.

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