Loudoun Sees Spike in COVID-19 Hospitalizations

COVID-19-related hospitalizations in Loudoun County have reached record levels amid a national spike in the number of cases.

As of Saturday, the Virginia Department of Health is reporting that the seven-day moving average of coronavirus patients in Loudoun hospitals had reached 47. The previous record was 41, set May 31 just before cases started to decline following the initial spring spike.

Hospitalizations have been increasing sharply since Dec. 28, when there was an average of 37 COVID-19 patients undergoing treatment in hospitals. That reflects warnings by public health leaders that the number of cases would increase significantly after the Christmas holiday. They also warn of a further spike in the weeks ahead following New Year’s weekend travel and celebrations. 

On New Year’s Day, Loudoun reported 183 new cases, and the seven-day average was 153 new cases every day.

The seven-day average positivity rate of virus tests continued to be above 15 percent over the weekend. All through December, the positivity rate remained above 11 percent. 

The high caseload prompted Loudoun County Public Schools to suspend in-person classes in mid-December. The School Board tonight is scheduled to be briefed on procedures that will be used to decide when to resume hybrid learning for elementary level students. Also part of that debate will be whether to continue with plans to expand the offering of two-days of in-person learning to middle and high school students who selected that option when the second semester begins Jan. 21. 

This graph shows the number of CIVD-19 related hospitalizations in Loudoun County, Jan. 3, 2021https://loudoungis.maps.arcgis.com/apps/opsdashboard/index.html#/3156a70cf4ab4c36a26254e44697d2c0

2 thoughts on “Loudoun Sees Spike in COVID-19 Hospitalizations

  • 2021-01-04 at 12:32 pm

    Why is 47 hospitalizations in Loudoun out of a population of 415,000 people a crisis? IT IS NOT.

    Covid positives are UP because testing is UP. Why is anyone surprised by this? Most people that test positive don’t even know they have the virus.

    What happened to the seasonal flu? Are we to believe that it has just disappeared?

    Why isn’t Goodfriend addressing these questions instead of peddling fear?

    “The COVID Tracking Project, a group of public health experts and journalists who have been collecting COVID-19 data from state health departments since early 2020, currently lists over 125,000 hospitalized COVID patients nationwide, roughly double the earlier peaks seen in the spring and summer.

    Differentiating between ‘with’ and ‘due to’

    Yet many, if not most, states are failing to make the distinction between patients hospitalized because of COVID-19 versus those who simply test positive for the disease while hospitalized for something else, according to a Just the News survey of state health departments.

    That data would provide a fuller picture of both the pandemic and its toll on local medical systems. “

  • 2021-01-04 at 4:58 pm

    Nailed it MB. These “experts” don’t want to tell you the truth. It’s far more fun for them and their political masters to scare good people into submission. They create “variable” and “moving” charts to purposely confuse citizens.

    We’re all going to get this virus at some point, if we haven’t already. That’s how bugs work. It’s never going away. It’s long past time we start living with it and get on with our lives.

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