Westpark Property To Be Placed Under Conservation Easement

Following Monday’s news that local land conservationist and JK Moving Services CEO Chuck Kuhn had closed on the purchase of the former Westpark Golf Club property in Leesburg, some of his intentions for the 142.3-acre site are becoming a bit more clear.

In a press release Wednesday, Kuhn announced his intention to place 134 acres of the land under a conservation easement, guaranteeing the vast majority of the property will remain open space.

“My family and I are passionate about conserving land for future generations. As our county continues to grow, it’s important that we preserve land that can be enjoyed by our citizens as well as protect natural habitats,” Kuhn stated. “By getting this land into the county’s control, we can do both.”

The Board of Supervisors voted in early December to authorize staff to reach out to Kuhn to express the county’s interest in purchasing that portion of the land from him. Members of the Leesburg Town Council have expressed hope for keeping the land as open space, or perhaps a town park, but were unable to find agreement on a town purchase of the property. The supervisors took their action a few months after the town submitted its capital funding request to the county, asking for $6 million to put towards the purchase of the property. The final purchase price for the land was not disclosed.

The 134 acres of land is expected to be placed under conservation easement in 2021. Kuhn plans to hold on to the eight acres of the land zoned for commercial use, and has remained mum on future plans for that parcel.

As of Thursday, discussion of the county’s outreach to Kuhn is not listed on any upcoming Board of Supervisors meeting agenda.


2 thoughts on “Westpark Property To Be Placed Under Conservation Easement

  • 2020-12-31 at 3:50 pm

    It is good news that this property will be preserved as an open space instead of developers trying to build townhomes on land that is under water several times a year. It is a wonderful place to walk and cross-country ski.

  • 2020-12-31 at 6:16 pm

    What a nice way to end the year! Thank you Kuhn family, you are such stewards of our diminishing land here in Loudoun that made it special in the first place. Any time land is held back from the jackals of the out of state developers, is a win for Loudoun. God bless you!

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