Hamilton Still Improving Pedestrian Safety with More Sidewalks

Colonial Highway through Hamilton is quickly becoming a safer stretch for pedestrians.

The Town Council voted unanimously Monday night to award a $339,404 contract to M&F Construction to complete the town’s Pedestrian Improvement Drainage Project, which will improve a close to 800-foot stretch of sidewalk along the north side of Colonial Highway from Ivandale Street toward the Reid Street intersection where Lowry’s Crab Shack is located. That stretch of sidewalk is currently level with the highway and narrow.

M&F also will install a stormwater management system from Lowry’s to Sydnor Street, about 1,000 feet away. There, the system will meet another that VDOT previously installed.

Mayor Dave Simpson said M&F, which installed ADA-accessible ramps in town through a VDOT contract and handled a separate sidewalk project in town earlier this year, will begin work as soon as the weather permits. Simpson said the project should take a couple months to complete.

In all, with the town already having paid J2 Engineers about $10,000 to draw up the schematics, the project is costing the town about $350,000. The entire project is being covered by a close-to $500,000 Capital Improvement Project grant the county government awarded the town a few years ago.

The new stretch of sidewalk will complement the sidewalks M&F installed along both sides of Colonial Highway earlier this year from Laycock Street to St. Paul Street. M&F handled that work for $457,931. In all, that project cost $768,342, of which VDOT paid $602,349 and the town paid $165,993.


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