County Board Looks to Purchase Westpark Property From Kuhn

With Tuesday night’s vote by the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors to pursue a purchase of the former Westpark Golf Club property, the county government is picking up a deal the Leesburg Town Council elected not to pursue. Under the deal, the county would acquire the property from Chuck Kuhn, who holds a contract to purchase the land before year’s end.

The CEO of JK Moving Services and local land conservationist confirmed to Loudoun Now that he is still under contract to purchase the property, and plans to settle on the sale Dec. 28. Kuhn is set to purchase the entire 142.3-acre parcel from Dittmar Company, which owned the golf club property, but said he is still reviewing future plans and uses for the site. 

“We have spoken with Mayor Kelly Burk and Mr. Tim Hemstreet with the County of Loudoun. Both groups are working hard to help protect the open space,” Kuhn said.

The board’s vote Tuesday to forward a letter of interest to Clubhouse Drive LLC, owned by Kuhn, only cited an interest in acquiring 134.25 acres of the former golf club land, potentially excluding the eight acres of land zoned for commercial use. Leesburg Town Councilman Ron Campbell confirmed as much in a Facebook post Thursday morning on his Ron Campbell Leesburg Town Council page. 

The more than 50-year-old golf club property in southwest Leesburg first went up for sale in August 2017, and initially was under contract to CalAtlantic Homes, later acquired by Lennar, and envisioned as a townhome development. That application was opposed by neighbors and ultimately a rezoning application for the project was denied by the Town Council. That proposal included a gift of 129 acres, mostly floodplain, to the town to maintain as a passive park, if desired. Those on the council who supported a purchase of the property have long expressed support for maintaining the land as open space or a town park.

After the rezoning was denied, the homebuilder backed out of the purchase of the property and, earlier this year, Kuhn put in an offer to purchase the land. He offered to sell the Town of Leesburg 134 acres for $3.4 million but, after months of debate, a majority could not be found to support that offer. Those who did not support moving forward with a purchase cited tight government revenues in the times of COVID-19 and potentially high capital and maintenance costs. But in its annual capital funding request, the Town Council did ask Loudoun County to contribute $6 million toward the purchase of the property. 

In her motion, Umstattd said the town had approached the county government with a request for county assistance on the purchase. Supervisor Mike Turner (D-Ashburn) credited Burk with making the first phone call. 

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3 thoughts on “County Board Looks to Purchase Westpark Property From Kuhn

  • 2020-12-03 at 1:12 pm

    Where there is no transparency there is no trust! The first time this deal was presented to Council it was shared with some members of the local community first and they were told to send letters to council members in favor a a deal. No prior meetings with Mr. Kuhn had been shared with Council and Council never approved approaching him to purchase this property in the middle of the pandemic and deep fiscal issues facing the town. Now here we are again. At the last Council session on November 24th the question was asked about any purchasing plans for Westpark and potentially the Town being directed by Council to use the Cares Act surplus to buy WestPark and we were told that no one was even having those types of conversations. The truth is that we just didn’t ask the right questions and the truth about the Town and the County having this discussion with Mr. Kuhn was not revealed before the vote on the surplus funds. Leesburg, this is your elected Leadership. I wish the new council well but I wish for the success of the town even more. The lives of people don’t seem to get as much attention as the parks.

  • 2020-12-08 at 9:46 am

    If this goes through, it might be the first time Umstattd got any county money for a town project other than transportation. Finally, something accomplished after nearly 30 years in office just smiling at people and posting fuzzy animal pictures on Facebook.

  • 2020-12-11 at 10:40 am

    Smells funny.

    He buys the property, sells unusable portion to the county to cover purchase price, then sells the usable portion to be developed, for a big profit. Cost is now up to $6 million of taxpayer money.

    This is after Leesburg turned down a similar proposal that would give them the land for FREE!

    And then Kuhn proposed to sell to Leesburg for $3.4 million.

    Free, then $3.4M and now $6M Smart businessman.

    Perhaps political contributions helped?

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