Friendship House Staffers Raise Awareness for World Mental Health

Characters from the Disney film “Inside Out” visited downtown Leesburg on Wednesday morning to show others that it’s OK to have emotions.

Staff members from the Loudoun County Mental Health, Substance Abuse and Developmental Services Psychological Rehabilitation Program, which operates the Friendship House, raised awareness for mental health by visiting Raflo Park dressed as characters from the animated Disney movie, which portrays the emotions that live inside the main character’s head and guide her through life.

The World Health Organization’s designated World Mental Health Day was observed Oct. 10.

The staffers this week talked about their characters’ emotions—like anger, disgust, sadness and fear—before walking a 5K down the W&OD Trail through downtown Leesburg to further publicize their message. Their visit to the park was prompted by county leaders, who encouraged the Friendship House staff to get out and move to raise awareness for different mental health issues this month.

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