Letter: Chris Stevenson, Purcellville

Editor: Many Republicans miss the mark in assuming that most people refuse to vote for the president because of his personality. 

For example, the Wall Street Journal’s Daniel Henninger asked recently, “[I]s disapproval of a president’s personality sufficient reason to transfer power to Joe Biden … ?” 

I left the Republican party in 2016 and consider myself a “conservative for Biden” because of the president’s political immorality, not because of some defect in his personal morality or persona. 

That is, I cannot support any American political leader who rules by preying on our fears, painting a dark American landscape, pitting us against our neighbor, or who believes might makes right, and who dismantles our cherished democratic institutions such as compromise, the careful study of national challenges, respect for and understanding of American history, thoughtful diplomacy, empathy, asking the best of Americans, and seeing the imperfect yet grand American experiment as something larger than one’s self.

Chris Stevenson, Purcellville

2 thoughts on “Letter: Chris Stevenson, Purcellville

  • 2020-10-26 at 8:06 pm

    You can make any excuse you want, but I’m not buying it. Trump pits neighbor against neighbor? Did you happen to leave the country during the Obama years, when he was making the police the enemy? HE was the divider that started all of this and he is the reason Trump was elected President. When people who support the President are afraid to show their support with a sign in their yard because they fear their house may be attacked, that tells you who the real problem is. I’m not buying your excuses at all, you’ve switched parties and are voting for a man who is clearly in mental decline because the POTUS says mean things. I’d rather have a guy with an abrasive personality who has gotten more done in 4 years than some 45 year politician who doesn’t even know what office he is running for anymore. Biden’s own party is already planning his ouster if he is elected and they’re not even trying to hide it! If you have fallen for the media’s constant barrage of attacks against the President (they are still mad that the person they anointed didn’t win in 2016), then you are making a grave mistake. The democrats are acting like infants right now, and you know what you have when you give 2 year olds whatever they want? You have a monster on your hands. No thank you.

  • 2020-10-27 at 9:58 am

    The writer appears to be a Jennifer Rubin Republican. That is to say, a faux Republican. I laughed out loud at ‘I left the Republican party in 2016 and consider myself a “conservative for Biden” because of the president’s political immorality…”. So, morality is the motivation?

    Consider Biden’s immoral statements such as, “If you have a problem figuring out whether you’re for me or Trump, then you ain’t black” and his long history of plagiarism and lying about his academic accomplishments. Consider his steadfast insistence that he “never” discusses his son’s business dealings. This obviously fails the most generous smell test, even if his son hadn’t specifically contradicted it. Consider the incontrovertible fact that his family has made bank on Joe’s name and position, with no-show jobs, and contracts awarded based on absolutely no qualifications or experience.

    Biden is a crooked politician, and anyone who cares about “morality” is seriously delusional if they can’t see this.

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