Letter:David Williams, Lincoln

Editor: Anyone still worrying about voting in the upcoming election should be reassured to know that we in Loudoun have been blessed by the competence of our registrar, Judy Brown and her staff. 

A true daughter of Loudoun, born and brought up here, she has had to deal for decades with a population that has more than doubled requiring new polling places and informed poll workers, even as we transition into the new digital age. Since the 1980s, when I first worked with her, our elections, unlike those in—say—Florida have been smooth and efficient and fair, so much so that we take our ease of voting for granted. But like the proverbial duck, the process may seem calm on the surface, yet an enormous amount of work goes into that process below the surface. 

Whether voting on Election Day, voting early, or voting absentee by mail, we can count on professional service. I trust Judy. I think you can, too. 

David Williams, Lincoln

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