Letter: Kris Consaul, Lovettsville

Editor: I’m the woman the Lovettsville Town Council censured on Oct. 8, and the first thing I want to say is, they had the right to censure me. I appropriated town imagery for a Facebook post telling Nazi punks to F off, and that was against the Town Code. I mean to say, misappropriating town imagery is against Town Code- not telling Nazi punks to F off. 

(If I had been in the Town Council’s place, I probably would have called the offender first to have a conversation to rectify the situation instead of going with the highest level reaction I could legally use, but that’s just me. There’s probably a reason I haven’t been elected to town office here; I did misappropriate Town imagery for my personal use after all.)

I suppose I could argue that any reasonable person would have seen that post and assumed it meant that all of Lovettsville was united in telling Nazi punks to F off, but I did misappropriate town imagery, so they were right to censure me. 

(I’d happily show you the post so you could decide for yourself, but I have been warned against misappropriating town imagery.)

I take full responsibility for my actions. Going forward I will continue to tell Nazi punks to F off. I just won’t use town imagery to do it. 

Kris Consaul, Lovettsville 

2 thoughts on “Letter: Kris Consaul, Lovettsville

  • 2020-10-15 at 12:18 pm

    I am so old I remember when public servants used to attempt to influence people with reasoned arguments and common sense. I guess Ms. Consaul and Ms. Briskman have decided to eschew such methods and focus on rude and vulgar gestures. I wonder if they both have “coexist” bumper stickers on their cars?

    Loudoun gets the representatives it chooses. Maybe it’s time to reevaluate our criteria for selecting public servants.

  • 2020-10-16 at 8:19 pm

    Thank you Kris Consaul for reminding me of the great song from the punk era by the Dead Kennedys. That song was Nazi Punks F Off. A little history on that song. I worked for the band as the road manager. The skinhead movement was closely associated with punk music at that time. We began to see some of them begin to sport nazi regalia. This was very much against the punk philosophy. Hence the song telling Nazi Punks to F Off.

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