Smoke Grenade Found in Luggage at Dulles Airport

Transportation Security Administration officers at Dulles Airport detected a live military smoke grenade in a traveler’s checked baggage earlier this week.

As the checked bag was screened, it triggered an alarm and was diverted for additional screening. A TSA officer inspected the contents of the bag and found a military smoke canister labeled “Smoke/Yellow” with a triggering device at the top similar to those on hand grenades. The canister was olive green with bright yellow on the top.

TSA officials notified the MWAA Police and officers located the passenger who said he had purchased the canister at a military surplus store several years ago and he believed it was inert. 

A TSA explosives specialist and members of the State Police bomb squad examined the item and the bomb squad removed it from the airport. The item was determined to be a live smoke grenade.

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