Letter: Jonathan Erickson, Sterling

Editor: The cries are all too familiar. Wolf, wolf and wolf! Oh nothe fox is in the henhouse! The sky is falling! Northam will take your semi-automatic weapons!

Feared, you say? More like lies. “My opponents need to fear me to get change enacted.” That is the nonsense the Virginia Constitutional Conservatives use as cannon fodder to get money out of your wallet and then pocket it in their personal accounts.

Instead of doing the work to get out the votethey wait for any bill passed about gun safety and then here comes S. Chris Anders and the “gimme, gimme” crowd.

From what I understand, they claim they are going to protect our Second Amendment rights. If I may be blunt, they have been abject failures.

When they fail, they turn it into an indictment of the Republican Party to which they are no help.

When you ask about their victories, they claim six, but details are always scant. I wonder, did they back the candidates before the election or claim victory after the issue was settled?

Since 2017, when they slithered onto the scene after being run out of West Virginiawe have had 50 plus elections.Many of these would have not had a Republican running if the VCC hyperbole was heeded.

Do you know if they support any of our current candidates: Trump, Gade or Andrews? Instead of helping to elect current candidates, theybeg for money and volunteers to further their propaganda while taking needed resources away from the election at hand.

Not a single anti-gun piece of legislation has been introduced in the 2020 Special Session, never a one was on the agendaThe hyperbole is deep within the Virginia Constitutional Conservatives, as they make their raids during every campaign cycle.

Do your part, support candidates directly and remove fake middlemen like the VCC.

Jonathan EricksonSterling

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