Letter: Marjory Serrano-Coyer, Leesburg

Editor: I came to this country to live the American dream, but what I see now is a country that is getting closer and closer to political patterns that my family and I lived through in Venezuela.

Venezuelans who support Biden in this election are using the same slogan they did in 2016, “Trump is a populist and so was Chavez.” My apologies to the reader—this article will have some Spanish phrases, beginning with “Vas a seguir Abigail?” or in Reagan’s words “There you go again.” 

Some Venezuelan Americans are certain that Biden is not a socialist, but Biden throughout his career has been all over the map in terms of his expressed views, so how are we to know? Also, shouldn’t we be concerned with the team around him? With their “democratic” socialist tendencies, Biden might become a puppet to the extreme left, like Nicolas Maduro is a puppet in Venezuela. For example, Kamala Harris publicly announced that “They [the protestors] are not gonna stop before Election Day in November, and they’re not gonna stop after Election Day.” Well, now we know who will wear the pants on the White House if their ticket wins. 

These “peaceful protests” have become riots and I don’t see the Democrats lifting a finger to stop it. They are clearly well organized, with people brought by buses to the cities not to peacefully protest but to foment violence, to destroy businesses, and some of them are left behind in these cities living as homeless people. What recently got my attention were the protestors banging pots with spoons, or “caceroleando,” which is a common way to protest in Venezuela. Not believing in coincidences, I found that during the current protests, some people that have been detained have recently visited Venezuela, and they have been trained by the Maduro regime to foment disturbances in the U.S. 

On another note, the left responds that Obama was the first to place sanctions on Maduro’s regime. Yes, technically he did at end of 2014— seven to be exact, and he probably didn’t do it willingly. The Republican-controlled Congress passed a law that forced President Obama to sign the sanction orders. Obama barely scratched the surface six years ago. In other words, Obama’s sanctions on Venezuela did nothing to put pressure on Maduro, they were window dressing.

In comparison with the Trump administration, and according to the Congressional Research Service, “As of August 20, 2020, the Treasury Department has imposed sanctions on more than 150 Venezuelan or Venezuelan-connected individuals, and the State Department has revoked the visas of more than 1,000 individuals and their families.” Let’s not forget that last year,CodePink and other socialist groups occupied the Venezuelan Embassy in Washington, DC, as a protest against Trump’s sanctions on Maduro.

Let me also remind you that the Obama-Biden administration made a deal (and secret secondary deals) with Iran in 2015 and visited Cuba in March 2016, two of the four countries most strongly supporting the Chavez-Maduro regime, greatly empowering those regimes. Now we have Hezbollah in the Americas “hasta el tuétano!

I have been reading Biden’s website and when looking at his interviews, he doesn’t respond well. Does he really know what his plans and ideas are? Also, I love the song “Despacito,” but did you know that the lyrics say “Slowly, I want to breathe your neck slowly, Let me tell you things in your ears, So that you remember when you’re not with me”… oops Mr. Biden, you picked the wrong song. 

I understand that President Trump is nobody’s “Santo de devoción,” and yes, there is much disagreement about immigration, the border and the wall. Republicans should be reminded that there has often been a better relationship between the GOP and the Hispanic community since the 1960s than has been portrayed. We have strongly held values of faith, family and tradition. If the country keeps going towards the left, the way many want it to, then I honestly feel sorry for Mr. Biden if he wins. I don’t think he will survive his own party if elected.

Marjory Serrano-Coyer, Leesburg

4 thoughts on “Letter: Marjory Serrano-Coyer, Leesburg

  • 2020-09-29 at 3:13 pm

    Venezuela was by many metrics, a first world nation. It had untold natural resources, wealth, a strong middle class, a developing diverse industrial base and a well educated population. And then, the democrat/socialists seized control, and it’s been a race to the bottom.

    Starvation, electricity blackouts, almost zero working hospitals, a record murder and kidnapping rate, combined with the highest inflation rate (the high 200,000 thousand percent range) on the planet, ends in people eating out of garbage cans.

    Despite sitting on literally an ocean of oil, gas shortages with gas lines lasting for days is the norm. Environmental protection is non-existent, leading to massive oil spills never reported in the US media, with clean up efforts rudimentary, if at all. Millions of Venezuelans have fled the totalitarian regime of the democrat/socialists. They seized law-abiding citizens firearms, and then abolished all constitutional rights, the elected legislature, and packed the supreme court with regime stooges. They completely rigged the elections to eliminate any opposition party. Some of their enforcers are known as ‘Colectivos.’ These are armed mobs who roam on motorcycles, and suppress any dissent. Sounds sort of familiar.

    In 20 years, democrat/socialists took SA’s most prosperous and beautiful nation and turned it into a living hell hole third world state. Even my most hard-core leftists friends shudder at the thought of Venezuela, vs. their comfortable Loudoun lifestyle.

    Ms. Serrano is giving us a warning, if we’re intelligent enough to listen.

  • 2020-09-30 at 10:53 pm

    Both these comments are laughable at best. How can anyone with half a brain support Trump? His performance last night is just more proof of how anti American he is. He only cares about himself, and his sick family. Do you really support him after he cheated with his taxes? Do you really support him after he lies all the time? Last night he flat out lied about the sheriff in Portland, Oregon as supporting him. That sheriff came out today and said he “never would support Trump.” But you cult members listen to him and believe it. Talk about fake news. I have friends from Venezuela, from Merida, who now live in Spain. I sent this note to them and they said Ms. Serrano is wrong, wrong, wrong. They see Trump from new Spanish eyes, and know that he is one dangerous hombre. Ms. Serrano should be glad she is here and should pay more attention to the what Agent Orange is doing to the US and worried less about Biden. We need civility and saneness to return. I spent most of today trying to explain to over 50 friends from around the world “what happened to America!” They were shocked about the debate last night. It aired in over 200 countries and the shine on America is gone, they now pity us, no longer look up to us. Wake up!! Boot the big orange goofball.

    • 2020-10-01 at 2:33 pm

      You call for “civility and saneness.”
      Right after you state that people who support the current President don’t even have half a brain.
      Right after you dismiss their comments as “laughable.”
      Right after you label them as members of a “cult.”

      And the topper? You state that the letter writer “should be glad she is here.”

      Your very own words show your true colors. You’re not interested in common ground. And clearly you’re dismissive of the fight legal immigrants go through to become citizens of this nation.

      Your privilege is showing. Might wanna get that checked.

  • 2020-10-01 at 10:34 am

    Back in the real world, Venezuela civil unrest continues to expand today over the lack of gasoline. The dictator Nick Maduro, is arresting journalists covering the arrival of Iranian oil tankers carrying gasoline (paid for in gold). There is even a question of whether there is electricity to unload the tankers. His thug security forces are being overwhelmed as regular folks have had it with this once first class nation unable to produce it’s own refined products essential for basic every day life.

    Your Venezuelan friends in Spain must be wealthy ‘Cat, as they were able to leave the country, unlike the millions of Venezuelans forced to sneak into neighboring countries to sell their hair, and even their bodies, anything, in exchange for food for their families.

    Ms. Serrano already knows she’s lucky to be in America, just as your friends with their new Spanish “eyes” are breathing a sigh of relief to be in Spain. Interesting you don’t expand on what they said Ms. Serrano has “wrong, wrong, wrong.”

    Another leftist crying about how bad America is, while enjoying their exclusive Loudoun lifestyle.

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