Letter: Ashwin Prabu, Ashburn

Editor: My fellow Loudoun residents, I fear that our beloved county is falling apart. Living here for all my life, I am pained to see such toxic political atmospheres brewing in our communities over the past couple of years.

Many of my classmates are scared to even voice their political opinions because of the vitriol now so commonplace. When we view politics as an ugly shouting match, it hurts us all. However, there is a way we can help fix this; we can vote for Amendment 1 this November.  

The amendment would create a citizen-led bipartisan commission to ensure that the redistricting process is fair, transparent, and nonpartisan.  

For too long, Virginia legislators have drawn uncompetitive districts to ensure they only have to appeal to their base, effectively muting the rest of their constituents. Amendment 1 will force politicians to focus on addressing the needs of all their constituents, instead of riding a partisan bandwagon that serves only to divide and weaken our commonwealth. It will push legislators to finally try to find common ground and pass common sense laws that will benefit us all. 

This is about more than just gerrymandering. It is about people coming together and uniting to take power away from partisan politicians who seek to divide us. I want to live in a state and a community where I know everyone’s voices and votes are respected. If you do too, then I urge you to vote yes for Amendment 1. 

Ashwin Prabu, Ashburn

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