Letter: Vlad Ovchynnikov, Sterling

Editor: I have lived in Loudoun County, in the 10th Congressional District for 19 years.  I find it refreshing to see U. S. Rep. Jennifer Wexton’s responsiveness and energy. 

In her first-term, Rep. Jennifer Wexton has been an impressive legislator and a fiercely positive representative of her constituents. From the moment she was sworn in, she was always open to face-to-face town hall meetings, which she held all over the district. The moment COVID-19 hit, Rep. Wexton switched to online meetings with a myriad of health experts and small business representatives to make sure constituents had all the best information available about the crisis, and businesses had all the help to survive financially.  

The congresswoman has fought to protect small businesses throughout her district and continues to fight for additional relief during these extremely challenging times. This commitment to help the small businesses in the local communities is critical. I, like most everyone, want to see them survive this dire time.  Her staff worked with owners to produce letters of introduction and provide federal relief application advice.  In mid-June, she spearheaded an effort directed at top officials at the Treasury and the Small Business Administration to identify the companies that had received loans, the dollar amount of each loan, and the date when money was received.  Her goal was to ensure that small businesses for which the aid was intended were in fact the ones who received the loans.

The congresswoman is vocal about issues important to 35,000 federal employees in VA-10, active military and their families, and retiring military personnel transitioning to the private sector.  She has grit, heart, and decency—a great combination.  Her temperament may be calm and collaborative but her willingness to fight for what’s right is unshakeable.  In my opinion, Congresswoman Wexton has earned the right to a second term in Congress. 

Vlad Ovchynnikov, Sterling

2 thoughts on “Letter: Vlad Ovchynnikov, Sterling

  • 2020-09-14 at 6:19 pm

    Wexton is a far-Left extremist that does not represent the middle-of-the-road values of the 10th District.

  • 2020-09-15 at 4:08 pm

    Wexton is as bad as it gets. Vlad must of moved here from New York and brought those values and misconceptions with him. Wexton has been paid 348 thousand dollars in the last 2 years and if you think town halls are bang for the buck by all means vote for her. Look at the softball articles in the Loudoun Now and LTM to see what hard hitting questions or the lack thereof that Wexton has answered. Has she condemned the rioters and looters if so I have not seen it. Relief is nothing more than a government handout not a hand up tell her to petition our governor to reopen Virginia and the horses patoot we have for a chair here in Loudoun at the same time.

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