Edmonston Appointed to Lovettsville Council Seat

The Lovettsville Town Council last Thursday voted to appoint former councilwoman Renee Edmonston to serve nearly two years on the dais.

Edmonston will serve the remaining 21 months of Matthew Schilling’s term, through June 30, 2022. Schilling resigned from the council Aug. 14.

Four residents applied for the vacancy—Edmonston, Planning Commission Chairman Greg Ratner, Planning Commissioner Bob Custard and resident Brandon Davis.

Edmonston is restricted from voting on certain fiscal actions during the length of her appointment. Under the Town Charter, appointed council members may not vote on motions to impose taxes, borrow money or appropriate money exceeding $500—meaning she will not be permitted to vote on town budgets.

This is the second time Edmonston has served on the Lovettsville Town Council. The first came two years ago, when she was elected in May 2018 but resigned a little more than two months later, citing conflicts with then-Councilman Mike Dunlap.

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