Letter: Mike Tuttle, Lovettsville

Editor: This is in response to Board of Supervisor representative Briskman and Moms Demand Action drones Coppage and Miller and their anti-gun rhetoric I read in your Sept. 3 issue, all of which was emotionally driven and false rather than being based in logic and fact.

Coppage said that allowing firearms into public places “puts us all at risk” and Miller said, “[w]e are not safer when people carry guns…”. Those assertions are just plain false.  In fact, the polar opposite is true: locations that allow the exercise of your Constitutional, natural and God-given right to self-defense have lower rates of crime than locations that restrict that right.  Gun-free zones scream to criminals: “There are people that can’t defend themselves here!”  Further, I am always puzzled at those that think making laws to restrict guns will keep away bad guys who are violating laws like homicide – that flies in the face of logic.  Someone bent on your destruction doesn’t pay attention to the kind of anti-gun measures they suggest.

There was an underlying theme all of the women indicated: that the public is not safe with concealed carry holders.  Again, absolutely no facts were cited to support this theme.   

Here’s the truth:
– Concealed carry permit holders violate firearm laws at the same rate as law enforcement officers.  (We probably shouldn’t pose the rhetorical question of whether they’d consider disarming them…)
–  In the US there are about 19 million concealed carry holders.  If you proportion an amount to VA, that would be about half a million in VA – but because of the states where obtaining a permit is difficult, or almost impossible, that number is probably much higher.

These woman probably pass by a number of concealed carry holders on a regular basis in various public and private places and don’t even know it.  Those concealed carry holders are overwhelmingly law-abiding citizens – they have to be to get the permit and renew it.  Based on what I’ve mentioned above, those carry holders provide deterrence and protection.  These ladies live unknowingly under this deterrence and protection, but because of fear and “worry” they want to make the bad scary guns go away.  There is a great analogy I’ve heard about how the sheep are just as afraid of the friendly sheepdogs as they are the ravenous wolves because they look the same to them.

I’ve learned many times fear and “worry” are based in the unknown.  Is it possible Miller, Briskman and Coppage know absolutely nothing about firearms?  Maybe.  Here’s my offer: I give Loudoun Now permission to give my contact information to all three of them.  I will pay for each of them to go to a range for formal firearms training. Maybe then they will reconsider destroying my right and ability to protect family, friends and even them.

Mike Tuttle, Lovettsville

5 thoughts on “Letter: Mike Tuttle, Lovettsville

  • 2020-09-07 at 9:42 am

    Mr. Tuttle makes excellent, factual arguments against this lunatic proposition. And his facts will fail to sway anyone on the board because their position has nothing to do with facts, reason or logic.

    In the infamous shooting in South Carolina, the evil young man who murdered people in a church prayer meeting originally intended to shoot up a historically black college campus. He changed his target when he realized there were armed guards on campus and selected the church of a local, anti-gun pastor whose church was a declared “gun-free” zone.

    Alas, facts, reason, logic and rights are now foreign concepts to our elected representatives. Ms. Briskman was made famous by a singularly simple-minded and vulgar display of her middle finger at a convoy containing President Trump. And somehow this qualifies her to sit on the county board and trample our rights.

    • 2020-09-07 at 2:49 pm

      Agree with Jonathan on all points and will add one of my own…

      I am completely disgusted that the people of Loudoun County are represented by an activist known only for her singular vulgar act of disrespect. The dais is not the place or pet projects, it is not the place to employ the unemployable. It is also not a place for those who cannot think for themselves. Briskman could do herself a favor and listen to the entirety of the people in her district – not just those who agree with her – and not just Phyllis Randall. We already have a Phyllis Randall on the board – step up and be your own person.

  • 2020-09-07 at 11:10 am

    Once again, the clueless pro gun activists hang on to their precious Second Amendment rights, which was crafted in the 1700’s when bears hung around outside your house. How crazy is holding onto a law that has no bearing with what is common sense? A BBQ restaurant in Leesburg that proudly allowed people to carry guns failed miserably. Grow up. The NRA is failing and played you by cheating you with your dues. I have never seen a car or truck with an NRA sticker on it where the driver did not look like he had not taken a bath in weeks. When you see NRA members in rallies, all you see are these sloppy, bearded miscreants. Wake up, the tide is turning against your having your way just because you hang onto the Second Amendment, it was not meant to protect us the way you are trying to use it. Our forefathers are rolling in their graves. You followed that little Hitler, Wayne La Pierre and it will not end well for him and the NRA.

    • 2020-09-08 at 8:06 pm


      Since you mention Hitler, you may want to know that his invading army’s first measure in every village they rolled into was to put up signs mandating guns be turned in. Not submitting was punishable by death.

      They then conveniently used the gun registry established just 3 years before the war to confiscate guns. In several instances, those citizens who claimed they no longer had the guns were summarily shot in the streets.

      For the remainder of the war, the resource the Resistance most lacked was guns…
      My grandfather went to the city hall to register the birth of my mother, under a nazi flag.

      But you go ahead and keep comparing those who don’t want citizens to register or turn in their guns to Hitler…

  • 2020-09-07 at 5:26 pm

    Briskman is Randall’s hand picked puppet. Her chances at re-election are slim and none. She has proved she hates America, the Second amendment and President Trump. She leads chants at the golf course where the anti-Trumpers are outnumber 5 to 1 about the Covid 19 being Trumps fault how there is a bounty on American Soldier’s because of Trump and has activa Kathy spraying the streets with BLM slogans, nice, not so much!

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