New Loudoun School Buses Add Safety Technology

The 60 new buses Loudoun County Public Schools is adding to the fleet this year feature new safety equipment and improved fuel-economy systems.

The Thomas and International clean diesel buses, at a price of about $100,000 each, include a 360-degree, computer-generated, aerial view of the bus that allows the driver to see everything surrounding the vehicle. The system uses four exterior cameras and an onboard computer to generate the simulated image, which appears in the upper left-hand side of the driver’s rearview mirror when the bus is stopped to take on or let off passengers.

The buses also are equipped with collision-avoidance system using radar technology, alarms, and automatic throttle and brake controls. 

The School Board in July also approved the purchase of two fully electric buses through a program offered by Dominion Energy. 

The school division fleet includes more than 100 buses. 

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