Middleburg to Acquire Land from Salamander Resort for New Town Office

The Town of Middleburg last week announced its intent to acquire about a half-acre of land from the Salamander Resort & Spa for property associated with the new town office project.

Under the letter of intent, the town will pay Salamander $1 for the land, which it will use to construct public parking, sidewalks and landscaping. The new town office building will be constructed on property the town already owns. The land acquisition is the result of Salamander’s 2007 rezoning proffers, in which it was required to provide the town with property for the construction of a new town office.

The project has been in the works since 2017, when the Town Council identified it as one of its strategic priorities. According to a town statement, the current town office, which was built in 1964, is too small to effectively provide services and to house town staffers, among other issues.

The new town office will also address components of the town’s 2019 Comprehensive Plan, such as the need for more public parking, a village green space and more public meeting space. 

Councilmember Peter Leonard-Morgan, the council liaison for the town office project, said the council will not take action to advance the project until it was confident it has a steady stream of revenue coming in. He said the council also plans to reach out to residents to ensure they are informed and engaged in the design process.

Once the town and Salamander finalize the land acquisition, the town will solicit proposals from architectural and engineering firms interested in designing the building.

Learn more about the project at middleburgva.gov/townhall.

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