Leesburg Council Awards $800K in Nonprofit Grants

Twenty-six nonprofits received a share of the Town of Leesburg’s first round of CARES Act funding last week.

The council approved the award of more than $800,000 in grants to the following organizations:

  • All Dulles Area Muslim Society: $25,000
  • Catholic Charities: $50,000
  • Elijah Gate Christian Center: $25,000
  • Every Citizen Has Opportunities (ECHO): $50,000
  • Friends of Loudoun Mental Health: $17,000
  • Hearts of Empowerment: $15,000
  • Help for Others, Inc.: $7,500
  • INMED Partnerships for Children: $35,686
  • Legacy Farms: $14,625
  • Legal Services of Northern Virginia: $20,000
  • Leonard W Kidd Memorial Post 2001: $5,000
  • Loudoun Cares: $35,000
  • Loudoun Citizens for Social Justice/Loudoun Abused Women’s Shelter: $50,000
  • Loudoun County Free Clinic: $50,000
  • Loudoun Hunger Relief: $50,000
  • Loudoun Literacy Council: $17,000
  • Loudoun Volunteer Caregivers: $5,000
  • Love, KK: $9,000
  • Mobile Hope Association: $50,000
  • Mosaic Virginia: $12,000
  • Pathway Homes, Inc.: $10,000
  • Saint Gabriel’s Episcopal Church: $50,000
  • Salvation Army of Loudoun: $50,000
  • Tree of Life Ministries: $50,000
  • Virginia Diversity Foundation (DBA Ampersand Project): $50,000
  • Volunteers of America Chesapeake: $50,000.

 The council had capped grants at $50,000 per nonprofit in its initial round of funding, where it set aside $1 million of its $4.7 million in CARES funding to go directly to nonprofits that assist Leesburg residents impacted financially or medically by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

            There remains around $197,000 of the money earmarked for nonprofits, and the council is expected to devote some of its second round CARES funding to nonprofits, as well. Deputy Town Manager Keith Markel said he planned to reach out to the 26 awarded nonprofits to see if they could use additional funding on COVID-related expenses by the end of the year, both stipulations of the federal CARES Act legislation.

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