Readers’ Poll: Should the state or local government consider condemnation to support the reopening of White’s Ferry?

Week of April 4

With the COVID-19 vaccines opening to the general public, do you have any hesitancy about getting a shot?

Week of March 28, 2021

What’s your view of the Board of Supervisors’ budget work?

Week of March 21, 2021

How do you rate the vaccine rollout in Loudoun County?

Week of March 14, 2021

What is the best way to provide most “affordable housing” in Loudoun?

Week of March 7, 2021

The General Assembly passed legislation allowing Loudoun’s School Board to switch to staggered terms. Is that a good idea?

Week of Feb. 28, 2021

Is it time to roll back on COVID-19 restrictions?

Week of Feb. 21, 2021

Aside from a return to full-time in-class education, what should be the top priority of the next schools superintendent?

Week of Feb. 14, 2021

What is your priority for this year’s county budget?

Week of Feb. 7, 2021

The General Assembly is on a path to legalize the use of recreational marijuana during this session. What is your view?

Week of Jan. 28, 2021

Will the latest General Assembly effort to address Dulles Greenway tolls affect your commute?

Week of Jan. 31, 2021

Are your kids ready to head back into the classroom?

Week of Jan. 24, 2021

Are you in line for a COVID-19 vaccine?

Week of Jan. 17, 2021

Who is most to blame in last week’s deadly riot at the U.S. Capitol?

Week of Jan. 10, 2021

How far will the Washington Football Team go in the playoffs?

Week of Jan. 3, 2021

What’s your outlook for 2021?

Week of Dec. 27, 2020

Should Loudoun’s local governments pursue collective bargaining with public employees?

Week of Dec. 15, 2020

Winter is off to a snowy start, are you ready for more?

Week of Dec. 4, 2020

Has COVID-19 hit your family?

Week of Nov. 29, 2020:

If your kids have been back in the classroom, how has their experience been?

Week of Nov. 22:

The Board of Supervisors is eyeing several new taxes. Which ones do you support?

Week of Nov. 15:

How will you be spending the Thanksgiving holiday?

Week of Nov. 8, 2020

How are you planning to do your holiday shopping this year?

Week of Nov. 1, 2020

How do you feel about the presidential election results?

Week of Oct. 29, 2020

What most motivates your vote this year?

Week of Oct. 18, 2020

Will your family be trick-or-treating next weekend?

Week of Oct. 11, 2020

Is it too soon for Loudoun students to get back in the classroom?

Week of Oct. 4, 2020

Do you support the establishment of local Purchase of Development Rights and Transferable Development Rights programs to conserve rural land?

Week of Sept. 27, 2020:

Has your level of concern about COVID-19 changed since the outbreak in March?

Week of Sept. 20, 2020

What are your voting plans?

Week of Sept. 13, 2020

Should the county create a civilian oversight panel for law enforcement?

Week of Sept. 6, 2020

How did the first week of school go for you?

Week of Aug. 30, 2020

Should county supervisors prohibit the possession of firearms on publicly owned properties?

Week of Aug. 23, 2020

Election Confidence: Are you worried about voting in November’s presidential election?

Week of Aug. 16, 2020

Back to Work: The kids are going back to class virtually, are you back in the office/to work?

Week of Aug. 9, 2020

Online Learning: Do you feel your household adequately prepared for online learning next month?

Week of Aug. 2, 2020

Naming the Washington Football Team: What is your preference for the new name of the Washington Football Team?

Week of July 26, 2020

Structure of Government Study: Do you support the Board of Supervisors’ study of options to change the structure of county government?

Week of July 20, 2020:

Returning To School: Based on your understanding of public health concerns, what is your preference for public school instruction this fall?

One thought on “Readers’ Poll: Should the state or local government consider condemnation to support the reopening of White’s Ferry?

  • 2020-08-28 at 3:44 pm

    Yes I am worried because the Liar In Chief, Agent Orange, Goon In Chief is on the ballot. How so many people can listen to his constant lies, denigration of people and embarrassing poor grammar and speaking, is beyond me. I saw a clip of him last night at his disgusting use of the WH for his own purposes, leaning with that bravado delivery he uses, makes me sick that anyone with an IQ larger than their shoe size listen to him, like drones sucking down KoolAid laced with some LSD drug.

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