Monday Deadline Set for Raider Replacement Suggestions

The process for picking a new mascot for Loudoun County High School is underway, with Monday set as the deadline for students and staff members to submit their suggestions.

In the wake of national protests highlighting racial inequities and as part of a division-wide anti-racism campaign, the School Board last month voted to remove the Confederate-influenced Raider as the school’s mascot. Members put the responsibility for finding a replacement in the hands of the high school’s students and faculty. 

Outreach for suggestions began Friday to students in grades 9 through 12 and school staff members. They have until July 27 to enter their proposals, with the requirement for entries to include a description of how the mascot would embody the spirit of the Loudoun County High School community.

Next Wednesday, members of the school’s Student Council Association and staff members will select the top 10 candidates from the submissions. The following week, by Aug. 5, school administrators and SCA officers will select the top three finalists, which then will be fleshed out with additional justification of how each entry reflects the school values and new images created by professional graphic artists. 

A voting period, open to students and staff members, is planned Aug. 10-24. 

The final selection is expected to be announced the week of Aug. 31, one week before classes are scheduled begin Sept. 8.

The next step will be removing the Raider iconography from the campus and deploying the new logo and name. While the School Board has committed to covering the cost of that changeover, a detailed accounting of what will be required has not been conducted. 

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