Letter: Christie Morgan, Purcellville

Editor: Loudoun County Public Schools will now be 100% distance learning. This was a no-win situation for the board, but the basic fact is they can’t guarantee the safety of the children, teachers and administration. We are seeing it everywhere; schools cannot open safely.

What now?

The first thing most parents are concerned about is how will this impact my child’s chance to succeed? If you have a junior, this is the year that colleges look at when accepting students. If you have a kindergartener, the vision you had of your child starting school has changed dramatically. If you have a child with special needs; how are these needs going to be met? Every parent has a concern that their child is going to fall behind. Reality is that some will not do well and some will thrive;  just as it is in regular school.  

These are unknown times. No one knows how long this is going to last; some say until there is a vaccine and some say until Nov. 4 after the election. Everyone has opinions but no one has facts since we haven’t dealt with this before. Loudoun County is not the only area this is impacting. Colleges will be considering this when looking at the junior year of your child. Schools will do their best to keep the educational progress moving forward. Parents will need to be more involved than ever to help their children succeed.  

This is going to shine a hard light on inequality in society. The haves and the have nots. Don’t roll your eyes and skip this section because I am not a socialist. It is a basic fact that we will see a divide here. Those who have money will pursue private education opportunities. It may be private schools or in home tutors. They do this so they can continue to work to be able to make that money to pay their bills and have the ability to absorb the extra cost. There will be those who can’t afford these options. What will they do? Some will let their children be home and trust they will “attend” school. It is all they can do. Some can’t leave kids at home as they are too young or have special needs. They are now trying to decide if they need to quit their jobs to stay home with the kids and if they do this will they be able to pay their rent/mortgage? In most cases this puts the family in a precarious situation financially. Financial stress can cause other issues; domestic, child or substance abuse. Or they find someone they can afford who will watch their kids which could be an unsafe environment. 

Has Loudoun County stepped back and considered this and what they can do during these unknown times?  

Loudoun County has a large Parks and Recreations Department that runs daycares, after school cares and camps. Would this be a chance for them to step in and assist parents with current needs? In-home day cares take time to set up. Could Loudoun County speed up the process to allow in home learning centers to prevent situations where people watching children are off the grid? Can our churches provide learning services to fill this gap?

It is times like these when creativity is a must. It is time for the community, local government and organizations to work together so more children can obtain a successful education during these trying times.

Christie Morgan, Purcellville

One thought on “Letter: Christie Morgan, Purcellville

  • 2020-07-22 at 5:21 pm

    Christie, Seriously, I agree the burden of this absurd LCPS decision and lack of management by the school board will be felt quite differently by parents and children. Do you think the Superintendent and the School Board didn’t consider these issues during the spring when school was closed and they had time to plan for the fall? Well apparently they didn’t and neither did the BOS who have a joint committee with the school board. Yeah – that statue was the most important thing to focus on wasn’t it?
    They all punted on leadership instead of forming the best solution and now they are asking taxpayers to carry the $1.4 billion budget even though education will be significantly below prior LCPS standards. What possible reason could LCPS use to close the Academy of Science where the classes are already half as full as regular high school classes and labs are well spaced? What is the possible outcome for technical classes such as HVAC, carpentry, culinary arts etc where small classes serve the most diverse. of Loudoun who absolutely need jobs coming. out of high school?
    Yes – we can all lend a hand and should but the LCPS message of hiding instead of problem solving that is being sent to 80,000 children should be unacceptable to all of Loudoun and most of all by the BOS who. are supposed to manage the county including the LCPS budget.

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