Loudoun’s Class Choice: Half and Half

According to a tally of parents’ selections for fall classes, half of Loudoun’s 82,847 public school students will participate in 100 percent distance learning and half will participate in the hybrid model with two days of in-person, in-class learning.

Most teachers, 54 percent, said they preferred to participate in the hybrid teaching model when classes begin Sept. 8.

Parents and teachers were required to submit their choices by Wednesday morning. Administrators are now conducting a confirmation round that will allow some changes until Saturday.

The next step for administrators is using the information to develop class schedules, teaching assignments and bus routes for the fall. Although preference information will be taken into account, staff schedules will be determined by student need.

A total of 31,890 students selected the hybrid model. Also, 9,077 students—11 percent—did not register a choice and will be assigned to the hybrid model. They will attend school in person for two days each week and will engage in distance learning the other three days of the week.

In the 100 percent distance learning model, students will not attend school in person. A total of 41,880 students selected that option.

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