Loudoun Surpasses 100 COVID-19 Deaths

As Loudoun enters the third week of Virginia’s Phase Three relaxation of COVID-19 related business restrictions, its community health statistics are tracking well. However, the county hit a mournful milestone today as the coronavirus death toll climbed above 100. 

As of Tuesday, the average number of new daily cases, 29.4, was the lowest since mid-June. The average percent of daily positive test results, 6 percent, was the near the lowest since testing began in March. The number of fatal cases was 101, with two deaths reported July 15 after county experienced its longest streak of days without a coronavirus death, 6, since early June.  

As COVID-19 cases spike in other states, Virginia is performing well. Gov. Ralph Northam on Tuesday reported there was one exception—the Hampton Roads region. There cases are climbing amid reports of non-compliance with the requirement to wear face coverings in indoor public spaces and physical distancing recommendations. The average number of new daily cases has increased from 60 to 346, he said.

As a result, the commonwealth is deploying more health inspectors to that region and is urging businesses to help promote compliance. Northam said another measure could be restricting how late in the day restaurants can serve alcohol and promised surprise inspections by health and ABC inspectors who could suspend the licenses of businesses that fail to comply with the rules.

“Overall, I think Virginia has really done a great job,” Northam said during his first coronavirus press conference since Phase Three began. Asked whether Virginia, like many other southern states would have to re-impose business and crowd restrictions, the said that shouldn’t be necessary if folks follow the recommendations. 

“We can’t go back and we don’t have to,” he said. “There is nothing to slow this down other than us.”

In Northern Virginia, where more than two-thirds of the state’s COVID-19 cases have been recorded, the case metrics continue on a positive trend. Northam said his administration also is keeping a close eye on case levels in DC and Maryland, which could impact nearby Virginia localities. 

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