Letter: Richard Fernandez, Leesburg

Editor: When I first heard about the Dulles Greenway rate increase request, I thought to myself “I wish I owned this company.”  When this Greenway road was first proposed back in the 1990, our elected state and local officials we all in support of this project saying, “This would be a good example of public/private venture.” 

Now our residents of Northern Virginia and those to our north in Maryland and west in West Virginia have become so dependent on it because our other roads suck, like Rt. 7 West and Rt. 15 North and Rt. 9 West. And where the heck is our Rt. 28 crossing over the Potomac River into Maryland? Are same elected officials now are the first ones to complain. It may have to do with the people that are complaining are the voters of this particular elected ones. I am just saying. If this road was so needed back then, our lovely state of Virginia should have put it in, but, if they did, they most likely would still be building it. Since this was built for profit it was completed in no time.

I am not saying I am for the rate increase, but I am not against it. This is a business and if I had a business, which I do, my main objective is to make money—as much as I can. Now the riders (consumers) of the Greenway did not want to pay the price, I say to them, “Do not use it.” If enough people stop using it, this would send a signal to the owners. The consumer is the most powerful person in the world.

The riders need to treat this expenditure like any other one where they feel they are not getting a value for the price. You certainly would not pay $25 for a burger at McDonalds would you?

Richard Fernandez, Leesburg

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