Loudoun Salvation Army Partners with DC Diaper Bank

The Salvation Army of Loudoun County has partnered with the Greater DC Diaper Bank to provide diapers for area families in need.

Program Manager Cesar Watts said that, after the Salvation Army began offering meals following the coronavirus outbreak, families who came in for help also asked for diapers. Asking around to other nonprofits, he found they were hearing the same.

“I said, OK, somebody has to step up and do something,” Watts said.

More and more nonprofits, especially food pantries, have begun branching out and handing out more products—including diapers—as the COVID-19 pandemic has increased the need. The Salvation Army, too, has expanded beyond its usual services, such as rental and utility payment assistance. Now, two back rooms in the Salvation Army’s office in Leesburg are stacked high with diapers in preparation, with plans to give families around 100 diapers per child per month.

Watts said the Salvation Army will take in around 40,000 diapers a month. And he said those may help ease the burden on people who are worried about making ends meet, some of whom may have already exhausted all their other resources, such as leaning on family and friends for help.

“What we hear is fear, and especially fear of losing their houses,” Watts said. “Even though the government is releasing [rules] that landlords are not supposed to evict people, among the immigrant community, that’s happening on a daily basis, and this as very fragile population, so they will not speak up.”

Their main concern, he said, is winding up homeless with children.

Although the Salvation Army does not require documentation of citizenship or legal status, families must bring some sort of documentation of the child’s age. That can be a birth certificate, insurance card, pediatrician immunization record’ childcare bill or record with child’s birthdate or age, state ID, passport, or any official record with the child’s birthday or age.

To ask for diapers, fill out a form online at https://form.jotform.com/201617063727049. Once a family is approved, they will receive a text message with the date and time to pick up the diapers at The Salvation Army Loudoun County Corps Social Services Office, 10 Cardinal Park Drive SE, Leesburg.

For more information about the diaper program, call The Salvation Army Loudoun County Corps Office at 703-771-3371.

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