County Government Promises Report on Fitz Thomas 911 Calls

Under scrutiny over a delayed response to 911 calls for help June 4, the night Fitz Thomas drowned at Confluence Park, Loudoun County government on Monday released an unsigned statement promising a report on its internal review.

According to the county’s statement, from the time of the first 911 call—which was routed to Montgomery County, MD—it took 36 minutes for Loudoun first responders to arrive on scene. Loudoun’s dispatchers received their first call at 6:06 p.m., 18 minutes before help arrived.

Recordings of those 911 calls obtained by Loudoun Now through a Freedom of Information Act request tell a story of people calling desperately for help, and furious or heartbroken that it isn’t coming.

“They went to the Maryland side of River Creek and we’re on the Virginia side, and someone’s drowning,” the first Loudoun caller said. She was transferred to Montgomery County dispatch anyway.

“It’s River Creek community,” said one caller. “God, it’s, guys, come on, can you please—Confluence Park, River Creek, we’re in Loudoun County, Leesburg, Virginia. How are you not getting this?”

“It’s been over 30 minutes, this kid’s going to die, OK,” said one caller transferred to Loudoun from Montgomery County dispatch, possibly the same person. “I’m just telling you guys, it’s been 30 f—ing minutes.”

Since those calls, Loudoun Fire-Rescue Chief Keith Johnson has said that dispatchers will now send units out without worrying first about jurisdiction near waterways.

According to the statement, “Loudoun County is currently conducting a thorough review of the incident. We caution the public not to jump to conclusions until all of the facts are known.” The statement also promises a report will be published after the internal investigation.

“We caution the public not to jump to conclusions until all of the facts are known,” it says.

Listen to the 911 calls here, and read the county’s full statement here.

One thought on “County Government Promises Report on Fitz Thomas 911 Calls

  • 2020-06-29 at 7:43 pm

    Hemstreet and Randall will push it under the carpet! Heads should roll! Incompetency! TOTAL INCOMPETENCY!! That’s what it is! Wait until all the facts are in? Really? Seriously? Listening to the 911 tape and the idiots on the other end getting paid by Loudoun County taxpayers is all anyone needs to do! It’s crystal clear! This young kid had zero chance to survive solely because of the idiots working for Loudoun County! There ought to be demonstrations in the streets over the senseless death of this poor kid!

    Thank goodness there were brave citizens there who jumped in and desperately tried to save this young kid!

    Blood is on the hands of the 911 Loudoun County dispatchers, the Loudoun County supervisor on 911 duty who failed to supervisor and the stupid fire chief who wasn’t smart enough to implement response policy BEFORE this incident!

    That’s the problem with common sense…. it’s not common!

    Come on Hemstreet, Randall and the rest of the BOS…fire these Loudoun County fire idiots before another young, beautiful kid drowns and Loudoun County 911 dispatchers won’t know where Goose Creek or River Creek is located next time either!

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