State Reports 8 Loudoun Senior Living Centers Hit By COVID-19 Outbreaks

After months of stating that a Virginia law prohibited the disclosure of COVID-19 case information at individual nursing homes, state authorities on Friday released that data. 

In Loudoun, a total of 376 cases and more than 60 deaths have been attributed to outbreaks at eight area senior living centers, as of June 22.

More than 70 percent of Loudoun’s coronavirus-related deaths have involved residents at senior living communities.

Only one facility, Heritage Hall in Leesburg, has an active outbreak. According to the report, the outbreak began May 19 at the nursing home and has resulted in 90 residents or staff members testing positive for the virus; 14 have died.

That is the largest outbreak since April 10, when infections spread in the Potomac Falls Health and Rehab Center. There, 86 residents or staff members became infected and 21 died. 

The Johnson Center at Falcons Landing was the first to report an outbreak, on March 28. There, 48 residents or staff members tested positive. The number of deaths was not reported because it was a low number and the health department suppressed the information to preserve anonymity. 

During the second week of April, outbreaks occurred at the Ashby Ponds multi-care community, the Sunrise at CountrySide assisted living center, and the Potomac Falls Health and Rehab Center. At Ashby Ponds, the county’s largest senior living community, 62 residents or staff members tested positives and 10 died. At Sunrise, 14 residents or staff members were infected and five died. 

The following week, two more communities were hit with outbreaks. Waltonwood at Ashburn had nine cases, with the number of deaths not reported for privacy reasons. Thirty residents and 13 staff members at Tribute at One Loudoun tested positive and 10 died.

On April 23, an outbreak was reported at the Atria Sterling assisted living center. There, 19 residents or staff members tested positive, with the number of deaths suppressed for privacy reasons.

With the exception of the active outbreak at Heritage Hall, all the other cases are listed as “pending closure” by the state health department. 

Overall, health department figures show there have been 3,612 COVID-19 cases in Loudoun since the outbreak began in March. Eight-four deaths have been attributed to the virus. 

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