156 Tested for COVID-19 During Purcellville Event; 4 Positive

One hundred fifty-six people were tested for COVID-19 outside the former Rite Aid store in Purcellville last Friday—11 of them turning up positive results for antibodies and four turning up positive results for the virus, two of whom also tested positive for antibodies.

Aperiomics—a Sterling-based biotechnology company—conducted the testing, which consisted of RT-PCR tests to show cases of active infections and IgM/IgG Antibody tests to show virus antibodies. Patients paid $150 for the two tests, which included a payment of $120 for the test kits and $30 as a sample collection fee. Patients covered by Medicare were required to pay nothing. Everyone who was tested should have received results within 12 to 72 hours.

According to Aperiomics Co-founder and CEO Crystal Icenhour, the tests yielded a positivity rate of about 9 percent, which is slightly higher than the 7-percent positivity rate reported by the state. Icenhour said she personally called all the COVID-positive individuals to let them know of their status. She said several of them are now having follow-up tests performed.

The testing cost the town $7,500 in setup fees, which it pulled from its $891,932 allocation CARES Act funding. But Aperiomics reimbursed $4,680 of that payment to the town. Under the agreement between the two, Aperiomics was required to pay the town back $30 per patient for the first 250 patients.

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