Deadline for Westpark Decision Pushed Back

Leesburg Town Council members look to have a bit longer to contemplate the merits of acquiring the former Westpark Golf Club property, and an even longer time to pony up the money should they move forward.

According to a memo in the council’s June 8-9 meeting agenda packet, the study period for purchasing the property has been extended to Sept. 15. Chuck Kuhn, CEO of JK Moving Services, is the contract purchaser on the property and has reached out to the Town Council about purchasing the majority of the land from him, save for the eight acres zoned for commercial use, for a price tag of $3.4 million. The 130 acres-plus that Leesburg has the option to buy from Kuhn would be placed under a conservation easement and could be maintained by the town as open space or a park. 

Originally, the Town Council had a deadline of July 1 to agree to a purchase, but those additional two-and-a-half months give council members more time to ponder the property’s potential and whether the town has the financial means to purchase and maintain it. According to a June 3 email shared with the council, Kuhn also expressed a willingness to delay closing on the transaction with Leesburg until late 2021, after the conservation easement process is complete. 

While some both on and off the council dais have considered operating the property as a municipally run golf course, Kuhn makes clear in his email that such a use would not be “consistent with preserving these conservation values.” As to how Kuhn would develop the commercial land he would retain, he wrote that he is open to input on that from council members. Currently, the eight acres of commercial land is zoned for a hotel use. 

Some council members and also those running for Town Council seats in November have suggested a public-private partnership for purchase of the property. In an email to Loudoun Now, Kuhn said such an agreement is not being considered at this time. 

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2 thoughts on “Deadline for Westpark Decision Pushed Back

  • 2020-06-09 at 9:21 am

    I fear Mayor Kelly Burke’s secret dealings may have killed off this great opportunity. If she had lived by the transparency she professes and not been a hypocrite and hidden the deal from the rest of the town council, this would have a much better chance of success. Since this will require millions of dollars at a time when Leesburg is in a serious financial hole, it will require all the political capital that can be mustered. Burke may have single-handedly torpedoed this opportunity.

  • 2020-06-09 at 9:47 am

    Why would the town waste $3.4M of taxpayer money on land that is a flood plain and can’t be developed? Quite a plan by Kuhn. Recover the purchase price by selling unusable land to Leesburg, while keeping the parcel that can be developed.

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