Loudoun Dems Extend Deadline for Leesburg Endorsements

The Loudoun County Democratic Committee is giving candidates in November’s Leesburg Town Council election a little more time to get their paperwork in if they wish to be considered for endorsement. 

The committee’s bylaws typically require such paperwork to be turned in 14 days prior to the election’s filing deadline, which this year is June 9. But during a Zoom meeting Thursday night, it was revealed to committee members that as many as three council candidates had not met all the requirements to be considered for endorsement. The candidates’ identities were not revealed. 

“When so many of them are having problems, I felt that a one-time cleanup of this was regrettably warranted,” committee member Bob Moses said. 

While the vote to extend the deadline to June 9 passed overwhelmingly, 54-16, it was not without controversy. 

On Wednesday, committee member David Bauer sent an email to his LCDC colleagues that was shared with Loudoun Now in which he announced his resignation as vice chairman of operations. He stated this was because of a decision by LCDC Chairwoman Lissa Savaglio to grant a waiver of the endorsement deadline to the candidates. 

“The particulars of the incident are not what is upsetting to me,” Bauer said during Thursday’s meeting. “What is upsetting to me is when a chair is willing to go against the policies that are set forth by the members of this community and unilaterally provide waivers and other things that are against the policy that we set forth. To me, that is a real breach of trust between the membership and the committee.”

Notable dissenters to the vote were three sitting Leesburg Town Council members — Mayor Kelly Burk, Vice Mayor Marty Martinez, and Councilman Neil Steinberg. 

The committee is scheduled to make its endorsements June 12. 

While the Town Council is a nonpartisan body, endorsements by the county’s two major political parties have become customary. It also, arguably, has become essential. Since the town moved its elections from May to November, no Leesburg council candidate has secured victory without a party endorsement and support.

Deputy Editor Renss Greene contributed to this report.


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