Nacy Announces Another Run for Leesburg Council

Leesburg native Kari Nacy is hoping the second time’s the charm in her bid for a seat on the Leesburg Town Council.

Nacy recently announced she has fully qualified for November’s Town Council ballot. She finished fifth among five candidates in the 2018 race. 

Despite the sting of that loss, Nacy knew soon after the votes were tallied in November 2018 that she still wanted to serve her town in some capacity. The following January, she was Councilwoman Suzanne Fox’s appointee to the town’s Planning Commission. A year later, she was elected commission’s chairwoman. Nacy said she considered whether she was content continuing to serve on the commission and rule out another council bid. 

“But ultimately what it came down to was I had a lot of lessons learned [from the first campaign] and I still just really want to try even more to really be a voice for the citizens of the town,” she said. “I have a unique perspective because I grew up here and I have a young daughter, so I have both sides of the spectrum.”

While she stays true to her Leesburg roots, Nacy said serving on the Planning Commission has changed her perspective quite a bit.

“The last year and a half has really been a huge learning experience,” she said. “It’s easy to sit back and say ‘I don’t want this or I do want this,’ but when you’re the one who has to be a voice for the citizens, to help make the decision, it’s a very different process you have to go through. I’ve learned alot about planning and development, and the proper ways to do that to keep the small town feel and charm everybody loves.”

Making sure the town grows strategically remains a top priority for Nacy. She points to the current review of the Town Plan, and setting a vision for what the town could look like in the next 10 to 20 years as very important. Quality of life issues and economic and general wellbeing of residents is also a key priority.

“They all go hand in hand—making sure we have green space, making sure small businesses succeed, bringing the right new economic development growth into the town so we can really just keep making Leesburg better every year,” she said.

But Nacy’s top priority this go-around is making sure Leesburg comes out of the COVID-19 pandemic “with the least amount of economic impact as possible,” she said. 

“People are really suffering now. Anything we can do to help our citizens and business owners is definitely my number one priority,” Nacy said.

The Loudoun County High School and Radford University graduate lives with her husband and daughter in the same neighborhood where she was raised, Country Club. It was the fate of the nearby Westpark Golf Club that helped spur her campaign two years ago. She’s continued to pay attention to news on potential development there, including a recent offer by JK Moving Services CEO Chuck Kuhn to sell the majority of the land to the Town of Leesburg, at a price of $3.4 million. 

“At first glance it’s wonderful. Everyone wants to keep Westpark open space. But it’s not the greatest timing. We just don’t have the ability in my opinion as a town to spend that kind of money right now when so many people are suffering. We need to be good stewards of taxpayer dollars. I hope Chuck Kuhn still buys it and puts it into conservation easement. Down the road maybe the town can look at it again,” Nacy said. 

Professionally, Nacy is the director of Department of Defense intelligence programs and facility security officer for Ian, Evan & Alexander Corporation in Ashburn. For more information about her campaign, go to, or

Nacy joins a growing list of Town Council candidates that includes incumbent Tom Dunn and fellow challengers Zach Cummings, Ara Bagdasarian, and Bill Replogle. So far, Mayor Kelly Burk is unopposed in her re-election bid. The filing deadline is 7 p.m. June 9. 

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