Hillsboro Launches Business Advertising Campaign

The Town of Hillsboro recently launched an initiative to help usher in more visitors to area businesses amid the coronavirus crisis and Rt. 9 closure.

Visitors are beginning to make it back out to wineries, breweries, farm markets and other businesses in rural Loudoun, now that the Northern Virginia region has been allowed to enter the first phase of reopening. But those visitors are undoubtedly inconvenienced by the closure of Rt. 9 through the town, as the traffic calming project continues to progress.

To help out, the town has created a local detour map with the names of businesses in the area; installed wayfinding signs along the local detour route south of town; set up a rotational featured business directory at rethink9.com/whats-up-in-the-gap; and has pledged to continued supporting businesses on social media. It also published a blog post listing which businesses are open—rethink9.com/open-for-business-phase-1—which lists 17 wineries and vineyards, five breweries and seven farm stands.

The town’s Rt. 9 road project is expected to complete in the first half of 2021. The highway through town will remain closed through at least June. This is the first of multiple full road closures through the town.

The Town of Hillsboro created a local detour map featuring the names of local businesses and where to find them.

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