Loudoun Launches COVID-19 Testing Task Force

Loudoun County Administrator Tim Hemstreet has organized a COVID-19 Testing Task Force to help make more testing available in Loudoun.

The task force is led by Loudoun Health Council Chair Dr. John Farrell and co-chaired by Deputy County Administrator Charles Yudd, and includes representatives from organizations like the Hospital Corporation of America, Inova, HealthWorks for Northern Virginia, the Loudoun Free Clinic, the Loudoun County Health Department and other healthcare organizations.

“The coronavirus pandemic has caused uncertainty that I believe only good science and strong leadership can solve,” Farrell said. “This task force is a consortium of trusted health care professionals and dedicated government officials providing that at a local level to guide the citizens of Loudoun through the pandemic as safely as possible.”

Loudoun County Health Department Director Dr. David Goodfriend said the task force is bringing together representatives of organizations that are doing testing to talk about constraints, issues and the resources they need to do more.

“The commitment of such a broad group of professionals to assist with quickly increasing and expanding testing capabilities is a great service to the Loudoun community,” Goodfriend said. “Together, we hope to find public/private solutions to our testing needs.”

The task force is also setting up an online repository of information about COVID-19 testing for both medical professionals and the general public at loudoun.gov/covid19taskforce.

The group will also be providing updates to the county Board of Supervisors.

Lack of readily available testing has been an ongoing issue during the pandemic, with the county health department organizing the first free, publicly available mass testing event last Wednesday. The results of the more than 1,800 tests conducted last week contributed to a spike in new identified COVID-19 cases, but also indicated a hopeful trend in the spread of the virus, Goodfriend said.

A second free testing event is planned Monday at Philip A. Bolen Memorial Park in Leesburg.

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