Letter: Anne Yang, Fairfax

Editor: In the past two months, each time I heard the ambulance siren rushing past my house, I could not help but wonder what brought this disaster to our community. What lessons can we learn from the ordeals we have faced in our “war” against the invisible enemy? The words by the Secretary of State Pompeo expressed right before this Memorial Day weekend provided an answer that I think we can all agree upon:

“China’s been ruled by a brutal, authoritarian regime, a communist regime since 1949. For several decades, we thought the regime would become more like us through trade, scientific exchanges, diplomatic outreach, letting them in the WTO as a developing nation. That didn’t happen. We greatly underestimated the degree to which Beijing is ideologically and politically hostile to free nations. The whole world is waking up to that fact. Pew [Research Center] reported – I think it was this past week – that 66% of Americans have an unfavorable view of China.”

That is why I hope readers of Loudoun Now can join me in urging Loudoun County Board of Supervisors to support a proposed resolution that sets the record straight on Beijing’s role in this pandemic:


In a way, this resolution honors those who have fallen victim to COVID-19. Their lives taken show us this hard-earned lesson that everyone of us should not forget even after we move on to re-open the economy: the menace comes from the Chinese Communist Party. The lies, deceptions, and disrespect for human life are not limited to how the communist regime handled CONVID-19. After the Communist Party took power in China, 60 to 80 million innocent Chinese people suffered and died unnaturally; this death number is greater than the two World Wars combined. Beijing has always wanted to conceal the truth and censor information why these people died. Spending the first 20 years of my life in China, I knew that seeking the truth there can be taken as a crime. For us who have suffered through the past couple of months here in Virginia, it is especially important to remember history. When history is not taught, it will be repeated. “Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on myself.” I have lost count how many times Beijing has tried to fool America. Please sign the petition to save us another shame on ourselves. Your signature can save future lives.

Anne Yang, Fairfax

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